How Can you Show Kindness?

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How Can you Show Kindness? by Mind Map: How Can you Show Kindness?

1. To Your Friends

1.1. giving hugs

1.2. leave a kind comment on their social media.

1.3. make them happy

1.4. invite a friend for dinner.

1.5. We give a friend our toy

1.5.1. Make compliments make diy gifts for our friends we can write a kind comment on facebook.

1.6. Hug them.

1.6.1. Help with homework, with problems and challenges.

1.7. Say nice words/compliments. Encourage them.

2. To Your family

2.1. help my mom cooking

2.2. we can help to our brother to do his homework

2.3. we can help to run errands to our mother.

2.4. We can help to wash the dishes

2.4.1. send flowers

2.5. make tea for our parents.

2.6. write a family Christmas card

2.7. give hugs

2.8. Do the dishes

2.8.1. We can help to tidy the dinner table

2.8.2. making a delicious cake for our family.

2.9. Say Thank You.

2.10. Tidy up my room and my sister's room.

2.11. help mom cleaning the bathrooms

2.12. Help sister in studies

3. To Strangers

3.1. Tell them an complement

3.2. helps your older neighbors

3.3. Smile to them and be polite

3.4. helping to your neighbors taking the things of the car

3.5. We can give some money to poor people

3.5.1. Propose some good idea for something we can give food to poor people

3.6. We visit an elderly person who needs help

3.7. Hold the door open.

3.8. Give food to people who need

3.9. Give money

3.10. Volunteer

3.11. take a photo of people who try to take a picture alone.

3.12. Offer my seat to someone in the train / bus

3.13. We visit children in a home for neglected children