The Need for: Tile Wa-Dri

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The Need for: Tile Wa-Dri by Mind Map: The Need for: Tile Wa-Dri

1. Experience with traditional units

1.1. Cash needed

1.1.1. Detours to get quarters Reducing study time

1.2. Long waiting periods

1.2.1. Waiting in line for others to pick up clothing

1.3. Easily accessible

1.4. Need to set reminders

2. Improvements

2.1. Bluetooth

2.2. Wireless payment

2.2.1. Contactless payment

2.2.2. Allows mobile option for extra cycle

2.3. Laundry completion notification

2.3.1. Automatic reminder/alerts sent to your phone or smart device

2.4. Timed code restricted access

2.4.1. Eliminates mid-cycle clothing removal

2.4.2. Allows others to remove clothing after 15min of the completed laundry load Eliminating long wait times

2.5. Garmet Scanner

2.5.1. Never lose another sock or piece of clothing in the washer or dryer

3. Benefits

3.1. Energy efficient

3.1.1. Reduces electricity bill

3.1.2. Cost reducing for students

3.2. Environmentally friendly

3.3. Advanced technology

3.3.1. Reduces length of time

3.3.2. Superior washing capabilities

4. Negatives of traditional units

4.1. Others can remove clothes mid-cycle

4.2. Missing clothing

4.3. Multiple cycles to thoroughly wash or dry

4.3.1. Additional cost for students

4.4. Increase in electric bill