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Report speach by Mind Map: Report speach

1. is when we use the exact words but not using the same words.

1.1. and, We use reporting verbs like " say, tell, ask, admit, promise, explain, announce, invite, claim.

2. Direct speach

2.1. putting exact words in quotention marks

3. Indirect speach

3.1. not using the exact words and not qoutention marks

4. Tenses changes in reported speach

4.1. direct

4.1.1. present simple present continous past simple

4.2. indirect

4.2.1. past simple past continous past perfect

5. also it has some changes in modals

5.1. would

5.1.1. will can could

5.2. would

5.2.1. would could could

6. other expresions

6.1. tomorrow / the following day

6.2. this / that

6.3. yesterday/ the day before

6.4. here / there

6.5. these /those

6.6. now / then