TED: Thanking everyone for my coffee

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TED: Thanking everyone for my coffee by Mind Map: TED: Thanking everyone for my coffee

1. Notes

1.1. The brain focuses on the negative.

1.2. A weapon against this is gratitude.

1.3. Before meal would thank some of the people who had a hand in the making of the meal.

1.3.1. Truckers.

1.3.2. Cashiers.

1.3.3. Farmers

1.4. If you really cared, you'd go thank them in person.

1.5. Cup of coffee

1.5.1. Took months

1.5.2. Took him around the world.

1.5.3. Coffee not possible without hundreds of people. Trucker. People who paved the road. Made the asphalt for the pavement Requires people from all walks of life.

1.5.4. Thanks a Thousand Project Helped him to focus on the right. Interconnectedness. Look up. Pre-caffenation state encounters. Chung. Hardest part is when people don't even look up. Pledge: Going to look people in the face when thanking them. Smell the roses, the dirt, and the fertilizer. Take time to savour the experiences you have. Scientists: Taking a moment and holding onto it as long as possible. Find the hidden masterpieces all around you. Guy who invented coffee cup lid. When a process is done well the process is largely invisible. Fake it till you feel it. Some people not into it. Most people were surprisingly moved Forced himself to write a thank you card If you act as you're grateful you become grateful for real. Practice six degrees of gratitude. Went to columbia to thank farmers who grew coffee beans. Use gratitude as a spark to action Downside: Will we become complacent? Coffee is made of 98.8% water Take a walk on a gratitude trail