The US and World War One

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The US and World War One by Mind Map: The US and World War One

1. The Military

1.1. Selective Service Act

1.1.1. May 18, 1917

1.1.2. Required men to be drafted

1.1.3. Men were between 21 and 30

1.2. Training

1.2.1. Intense

1.2.2. Learned everything from the basics

1.2.3. Did have correct supplies

1.3. Minorities in War

1.3.1. African Americans segregatied feared to be in war feared to have power after the war

1.3.2. Latinos Scorn from American troops Assigned menial tasks special programs to learn English

1.3.3. Women jobs in the army switchboard operators nurses typists bookkeepers radio operators electricians telegraphers

1.4. Technological advancements

1.4.1. Poison gas

1.4.2. warplanes

1.4.3. tanks

1.4.4. submarines

1.4.5. artillery

1.4.6. grenades

2. Workers and the Economy

2.1. Debt/Bonds

2.1.1. 25.5 billion in debt

2.1.2. 20 billion was to American People

2.1.3. A bond is a loan from one person to another

2.2. Propaganda

2.2.1. Kept people informed about the war

2.2.2. used to sway people opinions on the war

2.3. Food Administration

2.3.1. Herbert Hoover lead the Food Administration

2.3.2. increase the production of crops

2.3.3. conserve existion food supplies

2.3.4. made farmers make more crops

2.3.5. banned alcohol

2.4. Fuel Administration

2.4.1. Harry Garfield led the Fuel Administration

2.4.2. Daylight saving to help people how worked long hours

2.5. Women in the workforce

2.5.1. women took mens jobs

2.5.2. helped the economy keep moving

2.5.3. worked everywhere where men did Railroads docks factories

2.5.4. 1 million women worked during ww1

2.5.5. most women left their jobs after the war

3. Public Opinion

3.1. CPI

3.1.1. George Creel was the head of CPI

3.1.2. CPI was to influence the people's opinion

3.1.3. it was to encourage Americans to support the war

3.2. Anti-German attitudes

3.2.1. People started to stop doing things associated to Germany Listing to German Music Learning the German Language in school German sounding items were renamed to sound patriotic

3.3. Espionage & Sedition Acts

3.3.1. passed in 1917

3.3.2. Punished people for aiding the enemy

3.3.3. punished people for refusing military duty

3.4. Schenck vs US

3.4.1. Schenck was a official of the American Socialist Party

3.4.2. Printed and distributed 15,000 leaflets opposing the governments war policies

3.4.3. Claimed that the First Amendment protected his rights

3.4.4. The court ruled against Schenck