Sideletter process map

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Sideletter process map by Mind Map: Sideletter process map

1. Example

1.1. HECF

1.1.1. Current State had Fund Controller ensuring obligations were met

1.1.2. Compliance had no insight to whether obligations were met or not.

2. Sourcing Side Letters

2.1. 1) Receive Side Letters

2.1.1. Domestic Lisa Jason Maxwell

2.1.2. Europe (CMG) Negotiation of investor Obligations Receive initial template from investor (not universal) ask for "most favored nations" clause. Right to elect any other sideletter obligations based on contributed capital Review existing obligations for overlap Involve Fund team to review if obligations are possible HEVF HECF Metadata?

2.1.3. Actions that trigger New Investors only, potentially Determine if amendments can occur

2.2. 2) Legal interpret documents and input into checklist

2.2.1. Tag obligations with Legal Document

2.2.2. Connect to Edocs/Box? Confirm with GDC's strategy? Jeannie to confirm

2.2.3. Stored in Box, but not connected to grid? Secondary requirement

2.3. 3) Reporting Teams to review Obligations

2.3.1. Please review new obligations

2.3.2. Teams to acknowledge new obligation via update request?

2.3.3. David Covington or Jeff Folkerts Lisa to confirm

2.4. 4) Delegate to individual users that will be responsible for delivering attestations

2.4.1. Delegated users get notifications of new obligations

2.5. 5) Finalized obligation

2.6. 6) Assign team for attestation

2.6.1. Define Possible Teams Legal Fund Manager Controller Fund Team Portfolio Management Treasury Tax Compliance Risk Management

2.6.2. Define 1 Default Champion per team

2.6.3. Legal Team to collaborate/Email with Assigned Team on.

3. Attestation process

3.1. Generate a quarterly checklist for individual users to attest. (30 days after the quarter)

3.1.1. Fiona (Europe)

3.1.2. Samantha (US)?

3.1.3. Responsible Parties notified

3.2. Fund Management will review outstanding obligations and follow up with users for attestations

3.2.1. (60 days after the quarter) Create a notification when remaining attestations exceed a certain timeframe?

3.3. Compliance will review outstanding obligations and follow up with Fund Management for attestations (75 days after the quarter)

3.4. As users deliver attestations, records will be archived for future RIA compliance

3.4.1. Fiona 5 years Time stamp Metadata for what users have completed Add links to obligation evidence? Secondary requirement

3.4.2. Samantha

3.5. Timing considerations

3.5.1. Some attestations will be for prior period

3.5.2. Some will be during the current period

4. Reporting

4.1. Compliance

4.1.1. Completed

4.1.2. Tracking the completion of attestations

4.1.3. Not started

4.1.4. Global List available for reference

4.1.5. When attestation is Requirement met is no.

4.2. Users

4.2.1. What obligations are left

4.2.2. How much time do I have left?

5. User Instructions

6. Implementation Plan