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Pain by Mind Map: Pain

1. acute

1.1. Nociceptive

1.2. Associated with actual tissue damage

2. Chronic

2.1. Pain that persist along the normal timeline for tissue healing

3. Pain Pathway:

3.1. Transduction (nociceptors)

3.2. Transmission (A-delta or C fibers)

3.3. Transmission (Spinothalamic tracts)

3.4. Perception and modulation (Brainstem, thalamus, and somatosensory cortex)

4. Allodynia

4.1. Pain from stimulus that is not actually painful

5. Hyperalgasia

5.1. Increase in pain from stimuli that normally causes pain

6. Neuropathic pain

6.1. pain associated with the central and peripheral nervous systems

7. Complex regional pain syndrome

7.1. A clinical syndrome characterized by pain that disproportional relative to the client’s injury

7.1.1. Associated symptoms: Edema, stiffness, vasomotor, sudomotor, and trophic changes.

8. Madison Moore

9. Gabrielle Reynolds

9.1. Melea Mansel

9.1.1. Nicole Varghese Jenna Vercolen