B207 Shaping Business Opportunities

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B207 Shaping Business Opportunities by Mind Map: B207 Shaping Business Opportunities

1. Marketing

1.1. Marketing Process

1.1.1. Organisation's mission, vision and values

1.1.2. Analysis of the market

1.1.3. Strategy selection

1.1.4. Formulation of the offering

1.1.5. Implementation

1.2. Marketing Mix

1.2.1. 7 P's Product Convenience Shopping Speciality Unsought Place Promotion Price Process Physical evidence People

1.3. Market Research

1.3.1. Types of Data Quantative Qualitative

1.3.2. Process of Marketing Research planning Exploratory research Refining the research design Main research collection Analysis & Interpretation Reporting of findings

1.4. Environment

1.4.1. Micro Customers Competitors Distributors Suppliers

1.4.2. Macro STEEPLE Sociological Technological Environmental Economical Political Legal Ethical

2. Finance

2.1. Raising finance

2.1.1. Retained earnings and working capital

2.1.2. Debt factoring

2.1.3. Bank overdrafts and bank facility finances

2.1.4. Lease finance

2.1.5. Equity finance

2.1.6. Venture capital and private equity

3. Operations

3.1. Operations management

3.1.1. Managing Input resources

3.1.2. Managing processes Design of process Planning Improve

3.1.3. Managing Outputs

3.2. Operations strategy

3.2.1. Performance objectives Quality Speed Flexibility Sustainability Dependability Cost

3.2.2. Decision areas Capacity and facilities Supply chain development Technology Workforce

4. Critical Thinking and Skills Audit

4.1. Why is Critical Thinking so important

4.1.1. Evaulate Make judgements about the value of information

4.1.2. Synthesise Combine information and ideas into something new

4.1.3. Analyse Make a methodical and detailed examination

4.1.4. Apply Use knowledge

4.1.5. Comprehend Have understanding

4.1.6. Know Be aware, remember information

4.2. Critical thinking

4.2.1. Voice

4.2.2. Argument

4.2.3. Writing

4.2.4. Process

4.2.5. Enquiry cycle

4.3. Skills Audit

4.3.1. Time management

4.3.2. Reflection and Reviewing

4.3.3. Reading

4.3.4. Writing

4.3.5. Referencing and Plagiasim

4.3.6. Searching for sources of information: Understanding your sources Searching and evaluating

4.3.7. Working online