Life Long Learner

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Life Long Learner by Mind Map: Life Long Learner

1. Resilience and Productivity

1.1. Can be developed through awareness and positive action. Helps maintain balance through stressful time and reduces mental health issues

2. Learning to learn

2.1. "Its knowing what to do when you dont know what to do" (Hallenbeck, Swisher & Orr, 2011)

2.2. Gives a higher level of abilities such as problem solving, logical thinking and reasoning

3. Bad Habits

3.1. Unlearning bad habits helps avoid complacency

4. Healthy mind, Healthy body

4.1. Physical literacy

4.1.1. Helps motivation, confidence, knowledge and understanding

5. Reflextion

5.1. Consider things more deeply which helps us learn.

5.1.1. Makes you aware of the assumptions you make based on your own view.

6. Stress

6.1. Knowing what causes stress

6.1.1. Learning strategies to decrease stress levels

7. These things would help in a future of criminal psychology. Having a healthy mind is important in every aspect of life. Being able to have an open mind, see other peoples views and have a willingness to work is critical in becoming a criminal psychologist.