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Issues around using templates by Mind Map: Issues around using
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Issues around using templates

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

how much guidance do we have to give? e.g. what if someone sets up a discussion forum without realising how much time it takes

what basics could there be?

"small research project"

easy to use project calendar


home page

contact us page

about the project page

incorporate project logo on every page

incorporate sponsor's logo somewhere

change colours to fit with project logo

research team page

project blog page

project events page

"simple support for lecture course"

share readings / powerpoints / handouts for this week

share all readings / powerpoints / handouts for the whole course

way of contacting the students on the course

way of checking who has read the work / encouraging students to feel that they are part of a community doing the work (like Circlespace) ?

space for an appropriate image or logo

place for putting supporting / general interest material

easy to add extra pages (e.g.

"simple support for supervisions"

handouts for students

assignments for students

space to display worked examples

links to study skills pages

way for students to hand in essays online (does this really encourage them to hand them in late? seems to be more popular than I would imagine)

"conference website"

form for people to fill in

conference programme

contact details

home page

conference report

photos of conference

reading group

way to notify people about meetings of the group (link into ?)

public page so that people can find out about the existence of this group?

way to get the upcoming readings

way to get the past readings

way to look at upcoming readings

poss three pages done automatically (bit like - home page has this week's details and the readings; 'previous meetings' page holds previous details (or a cut down version of previous details) and the readings; 'upcoming meetings' page holds details of upcoming meetings and their readings

need way to allow people to make each page public or private, but at the same time to respect the copyright on the readings (note that we believe that scanning and uploading readings for reading groups is not covered by the scanning license??)

info about the convenors

easy way to invite people into your reading group

easy way to request to join a reading group mailing list if appropriate

easy way to request to join a reading group and see pages / download handouts if they are generally kept private

student study group (from Umme's descriptions in the Academic Networking project)

info about who is a member of this study group (maybe their pictures and contact details, maybe even mobile numbers)

somewhere to share documents of various sorts, labelled with who contributed them and when (people )

maybe if you set up a study group with people, they automatically get created as members of your network

a way to share photos / images, and to leave comments on them ? (optional)

a way to comment on / hold discussions on other people's documents

a way to write info straight onto pages ? a sort of wiki like idea

a way to organise face-to-face meetings (e.g. something like meetomatic to work out when people are available, some way of notifying people when and where the next meeting is)

info about who has read which documents ? (like CircleSpace - 'last viewed by X Smith, F Bloggs)

info about who has been contributing files, contributing comments, etc?

collaborative writing project

"comments on work in progress"

administrative group

way of organising events

download relevant papers

read events and minutes

should this have two views - one organised by meeting, with minutes, papers attached to it, displayed by date; one organised by topics

simple ways to book equipment / rooms etc (e.g. way of having multiple schedules)

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do all research projects want the same thing?

sharing files

New node

commenting on files

publicising their project

New node

what happens if people want things that CamTools can't yet offer?

How practical do we have to be? Do we need to stick to what CT offers now?

should there be tips on using the different sorts of templates? e.g. "if you want to set up a reading group, here are some tips from other University members"

what extras could there be?

ask for help / ideas from colleagues / people in the same field e.g. CTLH-1936

way to create your website offline in editor of your choice and then host it in CamTools? (Issue would be the menu) CTLH-15216