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Issues around using templates by Mind Map: Issues around using templates
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Issues around using templates

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

how much guidance do we have to give? e.g. what if someone sets up a discussion forum without realising how much time it takes

what basics could there be?

"small research project"


"simple support for lecture course"

"simple support for supervisions"

"conference website"

reading group

student study group (from Umme's descriptions in the Academic Networking project)

collaborative writing project

administrative group

Get started!

Key shortcuts

do all research projects want the same thing?

sharing files

commenting on files

publicising their project

New node

what happens if people want things that CamTools can't yet offer?

How practical do we have to be? Do we need to stick to what CT offers now?

should there be tips on using the different sorts of templates? e.g. "if you want to set up a reading group, here are some tips from other University members"

what extras could there be?

ask for help / ideas from colleagues / people in the same field e.g. CTLH-1936

way to create your website offline in editor of your choice and then host it in CamTools? (Issue would be the menu) CTLH-15216