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TO-DO by Mind Map: TO-DO

1. Read all Fault Logs and repairs book and eupdate the Fault DB accordingly and with Job No.

2. PPM Docs

2.1. Add 3 yearly sections

2.2. Update 6 Monthly

2.3. 6wk, 6mth, 1yr, 2yr, 3yr, 5yr, 7yr, 2yr10+,


3.1. Vac gun Storage

4. BUY

4.1. RS Stuff

4.1.1. No clean flux

4.1.2. AAA Batteries

4.1.3. No clean Flux

4.1.4. DVD-RW

4.1.5. Coupler PCMR25/PCMR29 8mm

4.2. Elekta Stuff

4.3. order elbow for Lin1 RF Isolator

4.4. LED 2W Pygmy Lamps B15 (SBC) wide angle

4.5. 25K 1 Trurn pot