Cargill 's 5 year vision

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Cargill 's 5 year vision by Mind Map: Cargill 's 5 year vision

1. #2 Managing your equipment base

1.1. Mapping Cargill owned sites vs 3rd party sites - trace equipment ownership and management

1.2. Mapping strategic sites with high vehicle traffic and/or high material handling volumes

1.2.1. Identifying critical scales for your operations Plan ahead based on the need: repair, replacement, spare parts availability, obsolescence Plan preventive maintenance check ups Install IOT devices for predictive maintenance

1.2.2. Identifying site maintenance people in charge of the equipment

2. #1 Building a playbook on scale equipment management

2.1. Get advice on best practices for equipment maintenance and cleaning

2.2. Get training on new products

2.3. Comply with safety procedures

3. #3 Managing new projects TCO

3.1. Have a trusted worldwide partner within a category to provide quality equipment

3.2. Sustainable supply chain: Get full transparency on where measuring instruments are manufactured and where they are going to

3.3. Comply with security requirements (explosive environments, legal for trade certifications, on-the road safery, etc)

3.4. Get and plan for quality service

4. #4 Tracking your operation performance

4.1. Follow and manage transaction data through site management software that follows truck entry and exit

4.2. Improve your performance with automated scales and scale operation software (hopperscales & unmanned weighbridges)

4.3. Follow the OPEX on weighing equipment with global account management by supplier

4.4. Move towards sustainable management of material by measuring waste outoputs, by-products and traded goods