U:5 makiing choices (grammar).

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U:5 makiing choices (grammar). by Mind Map: U:5  makiing choices (grammar).

1. you can use conditional sentences with (if) talk about causes and results

2. use may/migt in the result clause to suggest something is possible, but not certain

2.1. use the simple present in the (if) clause and the future with be going to ro will in the result clause.

2.1.1. Instance: if saeed gets the job, he'll be very happy if lmad doesn't go to college, he's going to be very sorry

2.2. Instance:

2.2.1. if noura doesn't do the homework, shy may fail the class

2.2.2. if lmad doesn't go to college, he might not get a good job.

3. future facts /

4. may/might

5. l'd Rather /

5.1. present facts /

5.1.1. use the simple present tense in both clauses. Instance: if you put water in the freezer, it becomes ice A: Do you prefer to drive along the scenic route or take the highway? B:l, d rather drive along the scenic route

5.2. use l'd rather (=l would rather) to talk about preferences

5.2.1. Instance: