Dream holiday

Brainstorming location for a dream holiday

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Dream holiday by Mind Map: Dream holiday

1. Harrods

2. capital city

2.1. Ney York

2.2. London

2.2.1. go sightseeing visit the Big Ben

2.2.2. eat in a typical restaurant

2.2.3. go shopping Bond Street

2.3. Paris

3. family reunion

4. Scandinavia/Northern lights

4.1. Rovaniemi, Finland

4.1.1. see the Northern lights breathtaking, charming, magical

4.1.2. to sleep in a glass igloo to meet Santa Claus in his village exciting, interesting

4.1.3. to go on a husky or reindeer sleigh ride amazing, something out of a storybook exciting, amazing

4.1.4. to watch the milky way romantic, charming, relaxing

4.1.5. to bathe in a frozen river

5. With my family, to make everlasting memories

6. Hello!