Input/Output Devices

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Input/Output Devices by Mind Map: Input/Output Devices

1. Scanners

1.1. Teachers and students can scan images of pictures or documents as well as paterns on various flat amterials into software programs were they can be saved or edited for other uses.

2. Electronic Whiteboard

2.1. Allows the user to imput information into computer software programs were it can be further manipulated, saved, or distributed. The teacher can save her lessons for future reference or print them for absent students among other things.

3. Projector

3.1. Allows for images, words, and other iteams to be shown on serfaces other than the computer screen.

4. Headphones

4.1. Allow for students to lissin to sound independently. Sound is an important feature in many learning software programs. Headphones are great for indeviduals.

5. Output Devices

6. input Devices

7. Digital Cameras

7.1. Allow the user to capture images and than input them to the computer for use in software programs. Teachers can use this for newsletters and lectures while students can use it for various projects.

8. Touch Screens

8.1. This is helpful for any student who can not use a mouse or keyboad do to disability or age. It allows the person to input information simply by touching the computer screen.

9. Printer

9.1. Allows for ideas and projects to be transfered onto paper.

10. Speakers

10.1. Allow sound to be heard which is nessisary for many student learning software programs. This is great for groups.

11. Key Board

11.1. Allows the user to type data into the software program. Used by both teachers and students to type varios documents.