Detox & Abstinence Solutions

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Detox & Abstinence Solutions by Mind Map: Detox & Abstinence Solutions

1. Address: 29 Holmwood Road, Rainworth, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG21 0HS, United Kingdom Phone: 07448 180081 Email: [email protected] Website: Detox and Abstinence Solutions is a new healthcare company designed to give drugs and alcohol detox solutions in people's private houses. After-care will form a crucial part for these interventions to assist recovery from addiction. The client group that the team will be supporting, will be adults who are dependent on opiates, opioids, or alcohol. Our service will give excellent as well as reliable person-centered drug or alcohol detox solutions for adults living anywhere in the UK who have chosen to stop using. After-care provision will be tiered to satisfy individual client needs to help effective recovery. The whole intervention process will be collaborative and conducted in the comfort of customers' homes to reduce the anxiety that is often triggered by going into hospital or rehabilitation centers. Our team aims to become the most effective service provision in-home detox support and engagement. We really feel that with our wealth of experience we are best positioned to assist people battling addiction who have attempted other mainstream services, with no success.