Introduction to SEO

Introduction to SEO for beginners.

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Introduction to SEO by Mind Map: Introduction to SEO

1. Process/ Guidelines

1.1. Keyword Research

1.1.1. Types of Keywords Short Tails (less than 2 keywords) Long Tails (more than 2 keywords)

1.1.2. How to choose relevant keywords Search Volume Higher the search volume higher will be the ranking. Keyword Difficulty 0-30--easy 30-60--moderate 60-80--hard More than 80--don't recommend

1.2. Types of SEO

1.2.1. On-Page Optimized/implement changes within your website. Guidelines/Factors

1.2.2. Off-Page Optimized/ implement changes outside your website. Backlinks(Incoming links you are getting from other websites).

1.2.3. Technical SEO Set up technical things Robots.txt Sitemap.xml Canonical Tag Schema markup Helps Search Engine to understand which type of page it is.

2. Meaning

2.1. Website comes on top of the Google SERP

2.2. Relevant Keywords

2.3. Organic/ Free result