My Self-Confidence

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My Self-Confidence by Mind Map: My Self-Confidence

1. I was bullied because of being fat

1.1. I stop dancing

2. I joined the ministry when I was young

2.1. I built my confidence in the crowd somehow

3. Our family has a leisure time, like dining in resto or picnic in the park

3.1. I value the time I spend with my friends and treat them as a family

4. My friends always open their secrets to me

4.1. I build their trust on me to be there keeper in their secrets

5. I have four siblings and we don’t have helper in the house

5.1. I became independent of taking care of myself when I was very young, I managed to go to school and get off work by myself

6. I have a late understanding of my sister’s disability

6.1. I become more cautious about the status or condition of other people