Basic Grammar Tenses

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Basic Grammar Tenses by Mind Map: Basic Grammar Tenses


1.1. Simple

1.1.1. I did my homework

1.2. Continuos

1.2.1. I was doing my homework

1.3. Perfect Simple

1.3.1. I had done my homework

1.4. Perfect Continuos

1.4.1. I had been doing my homework


2.1. Simple

2.1.1. I do my homework

2.2. Continuos

2.2.1. I am doing my homework

2.3. Perfect Simple

2.3.1. I have done my homework

2.4. Perfect Continuos

2.4.1. I have been doing my homework


3.1. Simple

3.1.1. I will do my homework

3.2. Continuos

3.2.1. I will be doing my homework

3.3. Perfect Simple

3.3.1. I will have done my homework

3.4. Perfect Continuos

3.4.1. I will have be doing my homework