11 natural disasters in 2020

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11 natural disasters in 2020 by Mind Map: 11 natural disasters in 2020

1. Devastating floods in indonesia

1.1. Jan 1st 2020 heavy floods ripped through Indonesia.

2. The australian bush fire

2.1. 46 acres of land, wild life, burrned by february 2020

3. volcano eruptions and earthquake in the Philipines

3.1. the volcano exploded on 12th Jan 2020

4. earthquakes across the globe

4.1. over 45 earthquakes with magnitude above 6 have hit the globe in 2020

5. the dreaded coronovirus

5.1. China recorded its first Covid 19 death on Jan 11th, then COVID-19 was declared as pandemic on march, 2020

6. Massive heat wave in North India

6.1. large parts of north India have been hit by a massive heat wave