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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Implementation

1.1. This phase is when we share the course content, first with the instructors/facilitators, and then with the learners.

1.1.1. Create a procedure for training the instructors/facilitators

1.1.2. Launch and implement the program

2. Evaluation

2.1. This phase is when we evaluate the program. This is done by assessing whether it met the goals of the program. Evaluation should also be done throughout the whole ADDIE process.

2.1.1. Collect feedback

2.1.2. Evaluate whether goals were met

2.1.3. Identify opportunities for improvement

3. Analysis

3.1. This phase is when we analyze the instructional needs and identify the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of the training.

3.1.1. WHO: Identify the audience, their existing knowledge and skills

3.1.2. WHAT: Identify instructional goals and pedagogical considerations

3.1.3. WHEN: Identify timeline

3.1.4. WHERE: Identify the learning environment and constrains

3.1.5. HOW: Identify possible delivery options

4. Design

4.1. This phase is when we create the overview of the course design.

4.1.1. Determine the learning objectives

4.1.2. Determine program structure and sequence

4.1.3. Determine program duration and pace

4.1.4. Determine program format and mode of delivery

4.1.5. Determine tools for evaluation and assessment

4.1.6. Create a storyboard or prototype of the program

5. Development

5.1. This phase is when we create and assemble the course content.

5.1.1. Create the course content, including written, visual, audio components

5.1.2. Assemble the course content

5.1.3. Review