Eve's diary

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Eve's diary by Mind Map: Eve's diary

1. setting

1.1. Garden of Eden => paradise on earth

1.2. Adam is older

1.3. Lasts eve's entire life

2. Narrator

2.1. First person perspective for both adam and Eve

2.2. Unreliable because Eve is missing some part of the story and that her reflection isn't her sister

3. themes

3.1. Nature

3.1.1. Animals, Plantes, Water

3.2. Curiosity

3.2.1. Discovery, Names everything

3.3. Gender Stereotypes

3.3.1. Eve and Adam are very different

3.4. Loneliness

3.4.1. After Eve's death, Adam stays at her grave

3.5. Companionship

3.5.1. Eve wants to stay with Adam

3.6. Love

3.6.1. Eve is in love, more of a traditionalist version of love (in love because it is a woman and a man)

4. Arc

4.1. Exposition

4.1.1. Eve's birth -> in the garden of Eden

4.2. Risng action

4.2.1. Eve meets Adam and gets to know him

4.3. Climax

4.3.1. Discover fire and feelings (fear)

4.4. Falling action

4.4.1. The earth falls

4.5. Resolution

4.5.1. Eve's death; adam at the grave

5. Characters

5.1. Eve

5.1.1. Intelligent, curious, extraverted and talkative, naive, creative, emotional intelligence,curious, childlike

5.2. Adam

5.2.1. introverted, quiet, less creative, more mature, doesn't care for futile things

5.3. Different archetypes

5.3.1. Stereotypes women and men in general

6. Feminism

6.1. Written when fight for women to vote

6.2. Not the same independance now then in the story

6.3. women should have the right to vote

6.3.1. Interest in politics

6.3.2. A woman is the protagonist and she's interesting

6.3.3. A woman took the decisions

6.3.4. They're essential to happiness

7. Symbol

7.1. Fire

7.1.1. fear, because it hurts her and it's new

7.2. water reflect

7.2.1. loneliness, she's talking to herself because there's no one else