Unit 9: Managing your Time and Priorities

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Unit 9: Managing your Time and Priorities by Mind Map: Unit 9: Managing your Time and Priorities

1. The Benefits of Time Management J.L.

1.1. Deliver work on time

1.2. Less stress and anxiety

1.3. More time for leisure and recreation

1.4. Provide a better quality of work

1.5. Improved quality of life

2. Time Management in College M.H.

2.1. Write down everything

2.2. Stick to a routine

2.3. Make Checklists

2.4. Stay organized

2.5. Use Your Phone Appropriately

3. Procrastination: The Enemy Within J.L.

3.1. Cause Stress

3.2. Gives Loss of Goals

3.3. Cause Loss of Self-Esteem

3.4. Cause Health Problems

3.5. Gives Loss of Time

4. How to Manage Time M.H.

4.1. Set goals correctly

4.2. Prioritize wisely

4.3. Set a time limit to complete a task

4.4. Take a break between tasks

4.5. Organize yourself

4.6. Remove non-essential tasks/activities

4.7. Plan Ahead

5. Prioritization: Self-Management of What You Do and When You Do It J.L.

5.1. Use a priorities matrix

5.2. Identify three key tasks

5.3. Start with something you hate

5.4. Budget non-negotiable time

5.5. Make lists

6. Goal Setting and Motivation M.H

6.1. Set Goals That Motivate You

6.2. Set SMART Goals

6.3. Be precise

6.4. Set priorities

6.5. Make an Action Plan

7. Enhanced Strategies for Time and Task Management M.H.

7.1. Plan your work ahead

7.2. Set clear priorities

7.3. Focus on one task at a time

7.4. Minimize interruptions

7.5. Set yourself shorter deadlines

7.6. Learn to delegate

7.7. Learn To Say NO

7.8. Summarize each day