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ADDIE Model by Mind Map: ADDIE Model

1. Analyze: Who is the audience? What purpose are we trying to serve? What would we like learners to learn in this course? I would have a conversations with the SME & Stakeholders on what they would like to specifically achieve in this course.

2. Design: What kind of design do we want? What are the learning objectives? What activities are needed to share learning with students? How many modules is enough? I would check with the SME to see what design works best for the training that will be built. Asking for their ideas is the key to having fewer revisions in the end.

3. Develop: This is where all of the ideas in the design phase will be used to build out the first prototype. In this phase, it is helpful to send a copy to the SME and stakeholders to get their final feedback before it goes to the first group of learners.

4. Implementation: At this stage, the prototype with additional feedback has been improved and it is piloted to the first group of learners. It is important to measure their learning on a week by week basis. You could include a small survey at the end of each week that will assess how students feel about the activities and the course content.

5. Evaluation: This is where you will assess what was learned and what needs to be improved. At the end of the course, a final exam and a course evaluation can be sent out to get the feedback from students on the course as a whole. This feedback will need to be implemented into the prototype before it is released to another set of learners.