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ㅊㅊ by Mind Map: ㅊㅊ

1. adiministration

1.1. the activities that are involved in managing the work of a company or organization

2. satisfied

2.1. pleased because something has happened in the way that you want

3. establish

3.1. to find out facts that will prove that something is true

4. responsible

4.1. having a duty to be in charge of or to look after someone or something

5. strict

5.1. causing an urge or desire to have or do something

6. produce

6.1. cause a particular result or effect

7. remarkable

7.1. unusual or surprising (deserving attention or praise)

8. several

8.1. different and separate

9. assistant

9.1. someone who helps someone else in his or her work, especially by doing the less important jobs

10. maserpiece

10.1. a work of art, a piece of writing or music

11. crumple

11.1. crush something so that it becomes smaller and bent

12. patience

12.1. ability to continue waiting or doing something

13. convince

13.1. to make someone feel certain that something is true.

14. faint

14.1. difficult to see, hear, smell, etc ...

15. unconscious

15.1. unable to see, move, the normal way

16. Burgundy

16.1. a dark red color

17. heartbroken

17.1. extremely sad because go something that has happened

18. urge

18.1. a strong wish or need

19. tug

19.1. to pull with one or more short, quick pulls

20. tempting

21. yank

21.1. to suddenly pull something quickly and with force

22. ashamed

22.1. feeling embarrassed and guilty because of something you have done

23. porridge

23.1. oats that are cooked with milk or water served hot for breakfast

24. drenched

24.1. covered with a lot of a liquid