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ADDIE Model by Mind Map: ADDIE Model

1. Develop

1.1. The "develop" phase is actually making the learning experience! Built on the "design" phase, this is the nuts and bolts of creating the learning materials.

1.1.1. Build the learning space in the LMS.

1.1.2. Record content/media

1.1.3. Input various piece of media into the LMS

1.1.4. Beta test!

1.1.5. Build usage documentation (citations, permissions, etc)

2. Analyze

2.1. The "analyze" step is where you do your research on audience, goals, resources, and any other information you may need to complete the project.

2.1.1. Research - "Who is the audience?"

2.1.2. Research - "What are the goals for this project?"

2.1.3. Research - "What do I want the learner to be able to know and/or do at the end?"

2.1.4. Research - "What resources are available?"

2.1.5. Research - "What does the audience already know about my project?"

3. Design

3.1. The "design" step is where you use the information gained in the "analyze" step to determine your delivery method, learning objectives, structure, assessments, and how you will execute the learning plan.

3.1.1. Determine the duration of the training.

3.1.2. Determine the best delivery method given your audience.

3.1.3. Determine the formal learning objectives.

3.1.4. Determine how learning will be assessed.

3.1.5. Determine how to best leverage resources to build the learning space.

3.1.6. Think through scaffolding or accessibility issues that may be unique to your project.

4. Implement

4.1. This is the testing phase with real learners! Careful observation and feedback gathering is important during the implementation phase so that you can finish strong with the final step.

4.1.1. Test!

4.1.2. Observe and gather feedback.

4.1.3. Give your trial learners cookies for putting up with your first attempt.

5. Evaluate

5.1. This is the considered by some the final phase, but also can be incorporated at each of the other stages. The criteria for evaluation is based on all of the information you have gathered up to this point. Once you have gathered your data, use it to improve your product!