Hershey Chocolate Bar

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Hershey Chocolate Bar by Mind Map: Hershey Chocolate Bar

1. As a result, the consumer is eating a chocolate bar that consists of ingredients from all around the world

2. Once the customer purchases a chocolate bar, that indicates that the supply chain has ended

3. Any store that sells food in America has a Hershey chocolate bar available

4. Vanilla and Cocoa beans are shipped across water, by boat

5. Cocoa is sold in Lucerne, Switzerland

6. Vanilla beans are sold in Central Java, Indonesia

7. Vanilla is taken from the farms in Indonesia

8. Sugarcane supply is mainly sourced from the U.S., Mexico and Brazil

9. Dairy cooperatives supply fresh milk from farms that are local to plant in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

10. Cocoa beans are sourced from South and Central America, Figi, Vietnam and Madagascar

11. Supermarkets, convenience stores, wholesalers, grocery stores, and dollar stores

12. First Tier Customers

13. First Tier Suppliers

14. Second Tier Suppliers

15. Second Tier Customers

16. All ingredients including vanilla beans, milk, sugar, and cocoa are then delivered by boat or truck to Hershey's Head Quarters in Hershey, Pennsylvania This is where the chocolate bars are produced

17. Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distributing begins