Ideas for Just Crisps / Just Oil

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Ideas for Just Crisps / Just Oil by Mind Map: Ideas for Just Crisps / Just Oil

1. Hampers

1.1. Partner/collaborate with other comapnies

1.2. Sell into farm shops, promotion in local stores

1.3. Appealing/eye-catching packaging to the consumer

1.4. Mix products and ranges together, gives people chances to try lot's of products

1.5. Gift/luxury ranges

2. Staffordshire theme

2.1. Keeps food miles low and supports local businesses, know the provenance of the food- selling point to consumers

2.2. Collaboration with The Staffordshire Cheese Company

2.3. Tamworth pig flavours (Smokey)

2.4. Beer flavours (Burton connection)

2.5. Use waste yeast products from the brewing industry to flavour crisps (Meaty flavour ranges)

3. Vegetable Crisps

3.1. Veg can be grown on the farm

3.2. Perfect for health conscious consumers that are still looking for a snacking product

4. Oil Ideas

4.1. Buy a Re-usable bottles, reduces waste

4.2. Hummus including the oil, flavours can be added too

4.3. Recipe of the week/month to go with an oil which is being promoted

5. Boost Sales

5.1. End of isle promotions/offers to catch shoppers attention

5.2. Introduce snack size bags into meal deal ranges. A convinence product for consumers

5.3. Personalisation/Corporate events

5.4. Advent calanders

5.5. Adverts on social medi

6. Popcorn

6.1. Maize grown on the farm

6.2. Alternative snacking item

6.3. Perfect for health conscious consumers

6.4. Proper Corn and Jo & Steph's would be competitors

7. Subscription Service

7.1. Box containing a variety of products from the ranges

7.2. Monthly or quarterly income

7.3. Creates customer loyalty

7.4. Ideal for regularly purchasing consumers

7.5. Tailor each box to the consumers needs

7.6. Good way to introduce new products to consumers

8. Social Media

8.1. Have a presecence on all platforms

8.1.1. Instagram Consumer focused, very popular

8.1.2. Twitter B2B relationship

8.1.3. LinkedIn Business focused

8.1.4. Facebook Targeting JC/JO's audience

8.1.5. YouTube

8.2. Comptetitions

8.2.1. Like, share and tag 5 friends

8.2.2. Consumer engagement

8.3. 12 days of....

8.3.1. Meat the team

8.3.2. Product ranges and flavours

8.4. Story, grid posts, infographic, reels, videos, live videos, polls (want to boost consumer engagement)

8.5. Analytics- look at the successfulness of posts

8.6. Scheduled posts

8.6.1. Using?

8.7. Professional presence

8.8. Regular posting, checking and engagement with other users and businesses. Reposting customer posts and feedback

8.9. Advertising platform

8.9.1. New products

8.9.2. Offers

8.9.3. Notices/Updates

8.10. Have life updates and recent posts featuring on the website

9. Occassions

9.1. Take advantage of occasions that could increase sales for a small window

9.2. National crisp day, Farther's Day, Easter, Christmas, BBQ/nice weather, Halloween, Birthdays, weddings