Tertiary Education & Research Industry

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Tertiary Education & Research Industry by Mind Map: Tertiary Education & Research Industry

1. Supplier

1.1. Physical

1.1.1. Educational Supplies, Technology Equipments, Buildings, Furniture, etc.

1.2. Non-Physical

1.2.1. Education and knowledge from the teachers, Campus Experience

2. Channels

2.1. Third-party Intermediaries

2.1.1. Education Agencies

3. Markets

3.1. Consumers

3.1.1. Students Based on their domicile International Students Domestic Students Based on the level preference Undergraduate Post-graduate PhD Based on Faculty Preference Arts Science Economics Law Education Engineering

3.1.2. Employers

4. Competitors

4.1. Direct

4.1.1. Other Universities International Domestic Within Victoria Outside Victoria

4.2. Indirect

4.2.1. Online Courses

4.2.2. Publishers