Green Light

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Green Light by Mind Map: Green Light

1. Stress

1.1. Graduating high school and moving on to College was a stressful change. I was comfortable and familiar with the past and now i'm moving towards my future.

1.1.1. Turning Point Power Although BLM is still relatively unpopular as a movement, our voices are growing stronger and focused on making positive change.

2. Negotiation

2.1. Group assignments/teamwork requires compromise and negotiating ideas. Remember to cooperate and engage in the process of making a finalized decision.

2.1.1. Roadblock Injustice Both personal and societal issues that can be a major obstacle oppressed people are currently facing.

2.2. Disagreement on tasks or set goals. Like with group conflict, it's best to work out the differences and try to incorporate the ideas everyone has in little ways. Then the task can be complete with everyone on board.

3. Communication

3.1. My relationships work better when I listen to what others have to say, keep an open mind and show empathy.

3.1.1. Crossroads Group Conflict Task Conflict

4. Accidents

4.1. Understand priorities, for example never leave work to the last minute. Get work done as soon as possible, the earlier the better.

4.2. Essentializing

4.2.1. Forgiveness Forgiveness is a difficult decision to make, if my friend did me wrong, sometimes the best thing to do is evaluate what happened and if they apologize its sometimes best to forgive and move on.

5. Hills and Valleys

5.1. Mediation

5.1.1. Being the neutral party resolving conflict. Assist the parties if need be and actively listen.

6. Can occur with two or more people when trying to work towards the same goal but have different ideas. Best solution is to compromise with consideration for both groups.