Overcoming & Handling Objection

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Overcoming & Handling Objection by Mind Map: Overcoming & Handling Objection

1. Before the Objection comes up

1.1. Working on Conversation

1.2. Working on Presentation

1.3. Working on some type of education

1.4. Planting a seed of confidence

1.5. Planting a seed of solution

2. Objection

2.1. Spouse Objection

2.1.1. Need to discuss with my wife

2.1.2. Mission or Confidence

2.1.3. Money

2.1.4. Work for you on value what you get

2.1.5. Proper Questioner

2.2. What are the mistake you are making

2.2.1. Doing

2.2.2. Explaining