Healthcare Informatics

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Healthcare Informatics by Mind Map: Healthcare Informatics

1. Information Technology

1.1. Data Storage/Record

1.1.1. Types of Data Health insurance data Invoices, bills, tracking payments Qualifications and package of Health insurance Patient medical data Electronic Health Record Stored data to reference patient health

2. Medical Technology

2.1. Data Gathering

2.1.1. CAT Scans Examines internal injuries Diagnose muscle and bone disorders Guide procedures such as surgery or biopsy Detect and monitor disease Monitor effectiveness of treatments such as Cancer treatments

2.1.2. X-Ray Examines the skeletal system of a patient Detects objects within a body

2.1.3. Blood Pressure cuff/machine Monitors and gathers blood pressure of the patient

2.1.4. Stethoscope Listens to the body

2.1.5. Heart beat monitor Monitors and gathers heart beat rates

2.1.6. PET Scan Imaging scan that reveals tissue and organ function Helps reveal cancer and the spread of the disease

3. Communication

3.1. Medical terminology

3.2. Summary of patient health and status during shift change and to the doctor/nurse practicioner

3.3. Shared patient data between departments and other medical institutes if applicable