reeRADlab Verbal Que's & Group Think.

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reeRADlab Verbal Que's & Group Think. by Mind Map: reeRADlab                   Verbal Que's & Group Think.

1. Information Flow

1.1. Aggregation Strategies

1.1.1. MBN Multimedia Database

1.1.2. intranet

1.1.3. Search engines (Optimization)

1.1.4. chronic niche exposure

1.1.5. Customized news feeds

1.2. Digital Skill Set

1.2.1. Search engine optimization

1.2.2. Pay per click

1.2.3. Webcasts (Streaming)

1.2.4. Multimediafication

1.3. Information Output

1.3.1. Search results

1.3.2. ppc ads

1.3.3. wire releases/databases

2. Networking

2.1. Definition

2.1.1. Ability to quickly pass information along to a specific group(s) of people

2.2. Examples

2.2.1. E-mail

2.2.2. Social Networks e.g., Ryze

2.2.3. Associations

2.3. Mass/Published Conversations (Conversational Media)

2.3.1. Definition Grouped and Data Structured Public opinions and discussion.

2.3.2. Examples TV blogosphere discussion groups

2.3.3. Skill Set Data analysis / Usability Understanding Understanding of blogosphere Mass aggregation phenom Online discussions How to participate

2.3.4. Information Output CONTENT related to strengths Blog posts/links Online discussion (groups) listserv discussions

2.4. Story Telling (Narration) (Old) Media

2.4.1. Definition Mass presentation of information in news story format

2.4.2. Examples Daily newspapers Broadcast news

2.4.3. Skill Set Media relations

2.4.4. Information Output News stories Reporter blog posts

2.5. Pundit/Opinion Media

2.5.1. Definition Professional opinions published on a mass scale

2.5.2. Examples Web Columnists Magazines Talk Shows

2.5.3. Skill Set Media relations Ability to present sides of issues

2.5.4. Information Output Editorials Stories Pundit blogs Pundit speeches Pundit interviews

2.5.5. MiddleEastReport Topic Generation & Selection Information Output Research Definition Examples Skill Set Information Output

2.6. Skill Sets

2.6.1. Varies Virtual Assimilation Ability to communicate with social networks Association Relations Social networking

2.7. Information Output

2.7.1. N/A -- person to person/group

2.7.2. Data Analysis

3. Information input

3.1. Community

3.1.1. Definition Places (online/offline) where like minded people gather to discuss specific topics organic manufactured

3.1.2. Examples Portals discussions Conferences Research Output

3.1.3. Digital Skill Set Varies Sponsorship management Speaking Engagements Social Networking aggregation knowledge

3.1.4. Sources Community site discussions Roundtables Conference Speeches Trade show presence Networking Professional Work

4. Innovation Flow

4.1. multi-dimensional approach to researching / learning

4.2. research

4.2.1. multiple (business) outputs creative (branding) Business models

4.3. Analysis

4.3.1. Lack of Process - entropy

4.3.2. Process

4.4. Design

4.4.1. no borrowing!

4.4.2. UX