PMO Japan Implementation 2021

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PMO Japan Implementation 2021 by Mind Map: PMO Japan Implementation 2021

1. Develop professinal support

1.1. Project Management in Specified projects

1.1.1. #9506; TMAH Purifier for POU Application Supporting New PM (Gregg) Understand Cartrige development in Japan

1.1.2. #9612; GDPS 1nm - P1500 and P3000 Supporting WEC project in Japan Contact person when handling WEC project in Japan

1.1.3. #9597; Vanguard JSR - JDA Bridge between membrane development Understand project kick off in JDA

1.1.4. #9663; TMAH Purifier for Bulk Supporting New PM (Gregg) Understand Cartrige development in Japan

1.1.5. motivation Strong Requested by Ohyashiki-san, Annie and Vinay

1.1.6. 20% Start January End December

1.2. Coaching TDP and sustaining projects

1.2.1. #3557; TDP Azora Membrane Development Understand TDP current process

1.2.2. #2061; POU clean improvement TDP Understand TDP current process

1.2.3. #9636; Improve ST2/ST3 manifold Understand Manufacturing factory in YZW

1.2.4. #????; POU UPE for N3/M2 Understand membrane development

1.2.5. motivation Strong Requested by Ohyashiki-san and Vinay

1.2.6. 10% Start January End December

1.3. Project Management Training

1.3.1. planning and content making 5% Start End motivation Allign with PMO strategy

1.4. Technical Involvement

1.4.1. 1Q: Hiring a contract person as Risk Controller in PMO office japan Support membrane and cartridge design development by experience Support TDP and sustaining project utilizing connections with university professors Push members challenge spirit Find and secure rare talented people inside and outside company Improving customer relationships with Japanese bulk manufacturers $35,000 per year 3 days per week

1.4.2. motivation Strong Requested by Ohyashiki-san and Vinay

1.4.3. 15% Start January End December

1.5. Hire Rare skill talent

1.5.1. Hiring activity Contract person in Japan Project manager in China

1.5.2. Management activity

1.5.3. motivation Need resources for PMO japan

1.5.4. 10% Start January End December

1.6. High Priority

1.6.1. important high

1.6.2. emergent high

1.7. 50%

1.7.1. Start January

1.7.2. End December

2. Portfolio and Resource management

2.1. Project Guideline

2.1.1. Optimize Accolade deliverbles Currently Accolade work is looks like ISO work, not effective work Engineering and Development phase motivation Optimize work load and fammiliar with Accolade

2.1.2. Judgement criteria PDP, TDP and Sustaining Deliverable, Breakthrough and Plattform Full, Lite and Express motivation Allign with R&D and marketing strategy

2.1.3. 10% Start July End December

2.2. R&D resource management

2.2.1. Membrane R&D Support Jad and Vinay team

2.2.2. 10% Start October End December

2.2.3. Adviced by PMO specialist consulting MOSL company

2.3. Amoeba model foundation

2.3.1. Project management process and template Localized exsiting stage gate process more efficiently Forcus on RTP at stage gate process Integrated RTP and RTM Review oppotunity process and CFBC phase Start End Strong Requested by Annie, Ohyashiki-san and Nakamura-san New flexible process (Agile model) combine with stage gate process Quality up activity for sampling and feedback from customer Review to project management for CFBC, development and engineering phase Start End Strong Requested by Annie, Ohyashiki-san, Nakamura-san and Yuma-san

2.3.2. Good human resource management Role and Responsibility with across R&D Membrane R&D Process Design R&D Cartridge Design R&D Multi cultural and multi project management Billerica Tokyo Yonezawa Taiwan Hanzou motivation Big issue in Photo Start July End September

2.3.3. New indicator for healthy portfolio management Based on human resource, optimize portfolio Too mamy projects and too much competing priority motivation Allign with PMO strategy Start September End December

2.3.4. Adviced by PMO specialist consulting MOSL company $200,000 Management Solutions (MSOL) provides execution support for project management

2.3.5. 10% Start January End December

2.4. Portfolio management

2.4.1. Support LMC PMC work with Annie

2.4.2. motivation Allign with PMO strategy

2.4.3. 10% Start January End December

2.5. Medium Priority

2.5.1. important high

2.5.2. emergent high

2.6. 25%

2.6.1. Start January

2.6.2. End December

3. Communication management

3.1. NPD Monthly Project Review

3.1.1. Bulk project meeting

3.1.2. POU project meeting

3.1.3. SBU PMC prep and review top14

3.1.4. Strat January

3.1.5. End December

3.1.6. motivation Strong Requested by Annie

3.2. Program management

3.2.1. making Photo/CMP guide line

3.2.2. Strat January

3.2.3. End April

3.2.4. motivation Allign with PMO strategy

3.3. Medium Priority

3.3.1. important high

3.3.2. emergent low

3.4. 15%

3.4.1. Start January

3.4.2. End December

4. New Leadership as PMO

4.1. PMO Japan leader

4.1.1. Leadership in cross-functional projects Position ✓ Balance of benefits ✓ Organization and benefits ✓ Community ✓ External benefit ✓ Human recognition ✓ Same rule Same community ✓ Posture rules ✓ Complete result Incomplete result ✓ Need to decide ✓ Undecided leader ✓ Decision-maker ✓ Mistake of position ✓ Significance of existence ✓ Organization and significance of existence ✓ Scale Result ✓ Results and achievements ✓ Result perspective and outcome perspective ✓ Which one to evaluate ✓ Result management ✓ Clear result ✓ Result points ✓ Completion of result ✓ Responsibility ✓ Responsibility and authority ✓ Responsibility ✓ Self-responsibility and other responsibility ✓ Disclaimer ✓ How to proceed with the meeting ✓ Order of conversation Change ✓ Everything changes ✓ Two types of changes ✓ Change image ✓ Productive change Non-productive change ✓ Thinking and knowledge ✓ Experience and experience ✓ Thinking change ✓ Confirmation of change ✓ Change order ✓ Changes in progress and opportunities ✓ Rate of change Terror ✓ Necessary fear ✓ Unnecessary fear ✓ Match your motivation Suspicion arises ✓ A sense of distance to death ✓ Concentration ✓ Fear of breaking harmony ✓ Fear of changing environment ✓ How to give fear ✓ Overcome fear ✓ Work comfortably ✓ Try to do well Aimes ✓ Awareness goal Unconscious goal ✓ Self-setting Other settings ✓ Properly generate self-setting To ✓ Necessity ✓ Single goal Collective goal ✓ Quality of motivation ✓ Goals and objectives ✓ A sense of progress 株式会社"Shikigaku":company $12,000 Start February End June

4.1.2. General knowledge for project management PMP i-learning: company PfMP knowledge hut: company Start June End December

4.1.3. 10% Start February End December

4.1.4. Low priority important medium emergent low

5. 2021 Q1 and Q2

5.1. Facilitate Portfolio management

5.1.1. NPD project review owner BULK Early March POU Middle March SBU PMC End March

5.2. Catching up Technical Issue

5.2.1. Program management Surface modification TDP #3560 Taurus Surface Modification #3210 Purification tachnology screening TDP (Orion) #9131 SuperNylon

5.2.2. Support TDP operation New membrane project in Photo #9835 TDP Azora Membrane Development ?? New Cartridge design project ?? TDP New filter design study New Cleaning method project ??

5.2.3. Hiring contract person

5.3. Prepare for R&D Resource management

5.3.1. Japan R&D and PDE Support WEC project in Japan #9612; GDPS 1nm - P1500 and P3000

5.4. Communication with Customer side

5.4.1. #9597; Vanguard JSR - JDA

5.5. Understand Photo team project members culture

5.5.1. Program management Surface modification PDP #9145 Titan #9506; TMAH Purifier for POU Application #9663; TMAH Purifier for Bulk

5.6. Planning for New NPD model

5.6.1. Process Integrated RTP and RTM Focuse on RTP Consideration on CFBC, Development and Engineering phase Introduce Agile mode

5.6.2. Role and Responsibility Work on leadership training