Day 2 Induction Program

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Day 2 Induction Program by Mind Map: Day 2 Induction Program

1. The participants will be given sometime to introspect and do a SWOT analysis for their own selves. They will summarize it.

2. Divide the participants into groups and give them a real life difficult situation and ask them to come at a solution for the same through a positive approach

3. It will begin with a video on the effect of the attitude and positive thoughts on the overall well being followed by a Q&A session.

4. Divide the participants into 5 groups, give them one aspect of the PERMA technique and tell them to come up with an idea how will they utilize the same in the professional life at the work place.

5. A session on how to use Martin Seligman’s PERMA technique professionally will be conducted. PERMA stands for P-Positive emotion, E-Engagement, R-positive relationships, M-Meaning, A-accomplishment.