United Kingdom

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United Kingdom by Mind Map: United Kingdom

1. England

1.1. 50 Million peopel live in England

1.2. Biggest country

1.3. Queen

1.4. 250 languages

1.4.1. Official languages is English

1.5. English people love music

1.5.1. Five-day-Festival of music, Dance, Comedy, Theater, circus 175,000 people go

1.6. Most popular sports are football, rugby, cricket

1.6.1. Football teams like Manchester, Chelsea, Liverpool

1.7. Traditional food is fish and chips, roast beef

1.7.1. Multicultural country people eat Indian, Chinese, Italian

1.8. Flag of England is white with a red cross

1.9. Capital city is London

2. Northern Ireland

2.1. 1,8 million people live in Northern Ireland

2.2. Capital city is Belfast

2.3. North of Ireland, on a island

2.4. Beautiful beaches, forest, mountains

2.5. Nearly everyone speaks English

2.5.1. Irish Gaelic, old Celtic

2.6. Traditional Irish music, jazz,Rock or pop

2.7. Food: bacon, egged, sausages and soda

2.8. Outdoor activities

2.8.1. Mountain biking, coasteering, zorbing

2.9. Symbols st. Patrick

3. Scotland

3.1. North of England

3.2. Nearly 800 islands

3.3. Winter you can Sometimes see the northern lights

3.4. Capital city is Edinburgh

3.5. Three languages

3.5.1. English, scots, mix scots English

3.6. Sports football, golf, skiing, Highland Games

3.7. Biggest city is Glasgow

3.8. Food haggis

3.9. Flag is blue with a withe X

4. Wales

4.1. Coastline around 1,300km long

4.2. Highest mountain is 1,085m

4.3. 3 Million People live in Wales

4.4. Official languages is English and welsh

4.5. Singing festivals

4.6. Rugby union, football

4.6.1. Water sports surfing, wakeboarding, coasteering

4.7. Flag of Wales is a red dragon