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Globalization by Mind Map: Globalization

1. A step toward change

1.1. as we already know the word is changing toward a new different and difficult timeline. Specially the technological globalization. it es spreading across the borders.

1.1.1. the technological globalization plays an a important roll in the economic example: better goods and services around the world internet cultural exchanges smart phones global news networks

2. how it works

2.1. globalization is the process by which people and goods moved across the world.

2.1.1. economic consept

2.1.2. integration of markets

2.1.3. trades between nations

2.1.4. investments

2.1.5. products and services

3. definition

3.1. description how the word interdependence grow and increased in a international way.

3.2. economices

3.3. cultures

3.4. population

3.5. goods

3.6. services

3.7. technologie

3.8. people

3.9. information

3.10. flows of investment

4. examples for globalization

4.1. where to find it

4.1.1. globalization is able to find everywhere example: the jeans we are wearing is made of special material composed from all over the world and. etch part has its roll and its material.

4.1.2. globalization can appear in several ways example: the companies that has been increased in many countries like McDonald's and KFC; BMW, Mercedes; Adidas, Nike,...

5. Problems and environmental issues

5.1. energy transition/renewables

5.2. hydraulic stress and water scarcity

5.3. global warming due to CO2 emissions

5.4. overpopulation

5.5. waste manangement

5.6. sustainable food model

5.7. sustainable development

5.8. mobility

5.9. Meteorological

5.10. Water pollution

5.11. Climate Change

5.12. resources

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