Technology Services Content Map

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Technology Services Content Map by Mind Map: Technology Services Content Map

1. BitLocker Help Portal for TSS' - https://sbabitlocker01.schools.mnpsk12.local/helpdesk/

2. Current Sites

2.1. Change Management - TIS

2.2. Cyber Security Shared Site

2.2.1. How to report a phishing email Outlook online Outlook Client

2.3. Enterprise Applications Group

2.3.1. Welcome! About the Enterprise Applications Group More to come

2.3.2. ID Badges & Photos Read The Latest Student Photo and ID Badging Equipment Questionnaire Updates Regarding Staff ID Badges Photo Information - Students and Staff New Hire - Staff ID Badge and Photo Information Student ID Badge Request Form Staff ID Badge and Photo Update Request Form Staff Badge Online Payment Link WeGo ID Badge Interface StrIDe Middle School Permission Form Product Documentation Temporary WeGo Voucher Form MNPS ID Badge User Guide (draft) BMS32 Installation (For TSS) TSS Back to School Checklist Employee Resource Center - Staff ID Badge Instructions MNPS Procedures Fargo HDP5000 ID Card Printer How To Contact for Questions and Assistance ID Badge - Staff ID Badge - Student Vinson, Sarah B Hanson, Bryan Wexler, Eva

2.3.3. Textbooks (Destiny)

2.3.4. Our data integrations More to come

2.3.5. More info More to come

2.4. Enterprise Data Systems

2.5. Enterprise Field Support

2.6. Enterprise Network Operations

2.6.1. The ENO Teams Infrastructure Support Group Guest WiFi Access Guide Facebook Access Network Drop Request Form System Support Group Telephony Support Group Skype Cellular Wireline

2.6.2. User Resources Contractor Accounts MNPS Contractor Accounts - Requesting & Password Management Processes Skype for Business Resources User Support Portal xdAD Account Mgmt 'Self Service Password Reset' Link 'xdAD User Manual' Link 'Open SP Ticket' Link Guest WiFi Sponsored Access Guide Printable Tri-fold Instruction Leaflet

2.6.3. TSD Staff Resources BitLocker Key Recover for TSD What is BitLocker? End User Support Field Support Options for BitLocker Key Recovery Quick Navigation Kronos Battery Replacement Guide for EFS Printable Guide

2.6.4. Documents Several Posted Documents - Too Many to List

2.6.5. Active Issues

2.6.6. Commonly Requested Resources User Account Resources MNPS User Accounts Contractor Accounts Email Support Computer and Networking Resources Wired Network Information Wireless Network Information Software Installation (System Center) Software Installation (Other) Telephone Services & Other Technology Resources Audio Enhancement System Cellular Services Multi-Function Copier/Printers Skype for Business VBRick Networked Video Streaming UCView Digital Signage

2.6.7. Learn About Who We Are and What We Do Infrastructure Support Group (ISG) Manager ISG Members Systems Support Group (SSG) Manager SSG Members Director School Quadrants

2.6.8. News **Mapped to ENO Page - xdAD Account Management Page** **Mapped to ENO Page - MNPS Contractor Accounts - Requesting & Password Management Processes** **Mapped to ENO Page - Network Improvements**

2.6.9. Weather

2.6.10. Network Key Performance Metrics Graph

2.6.11. Link to the Technology Services Department Page

2.7. Grading Information

2.7.1. Map Landing Page Grading News and Updates Grading in Schoology Grade Reporting in Infinite Campus Grading Admins and Principal Info ONLY Charter Schools: Grading Information

2.7.2. Pages Home (Landing) Charter Schools Grading Information Information for Grading Admins Grading News and updates Grading in Schoology Infinite Campus-Grade Reporing

2.8. Infinite Campus

2.9. Infinite Campus

2.10. Learning Technology and Library Services

2.10.1. Side Navigation Quick Links Frequently Asked Questions (To be added) Getting the New Year Started Getting Started with Schoology Impactful Digital Tools K-8 Computer Science Teams Help Guides Flipgrid Help Guides Professional Learning Experiences We The Director Instructional Designers Learning Technology Specialists Empower Getting the New Year Started Professional Learning Experiences Consulting Help Guides Learning Getting Started with Schoology CS Scope and Sequence Professional Learning Experiences Digital Citizenship Impactful Digital Tools Minecraft

2.10.2. Map Landing Page (We) Instructional Designers Learning Technology Specialists District Librarians Contact links for whole team Link to MNPS Digital Tools Site Empower Definition of empower Professional Learning Consulting Help Guides Getting the New Year Started Professional Learning Experiences Learning Schoology Computer Science Professional Learning Digital Citizenship Minecraft Education Edition Impactful Digital Tools Frequently Asked Questions Too many topics to list here. Document linked

2.10.3. Page List 1 New Page Template Not visible Accessibility Tools (Not added yet) Not visible Computer Science Scope and Sequence Digital Citizenship Digital Tools - Cooperative Learning Digital Tools - Generating and Testing Hypothesis Digital Tools - Homework and Practice Digital Tools - Identifying Similarities and Differences Digital Tools - Landing Digital Tools - Nonlinguistic Representations Digital Tools - Questions, Cues, and Advance Organizers Digital Tools - Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition Digital Tools - Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback Digital Tools - Summarizing and Notetaking Empower Frequently Asked Questions Getting the New Year Started (Students and Parents) Getting the New Year Started (Teachers) Getting the New Year Started Getting-Started-With-Schoology-(Live-Event) Learning Minecraft Page-Sandbox Tester page (Not visible) Professional-Learning-Experiences (Coming Soon) What's Happening In Tech Today

2.11. MNPS Office 365 Learning Center

2.12. Project Management

2.13. Student Information System Communications

2.14. Technology Information Services Shared Site

2.15. Technology Resource Center

2.15.1. R12 Go Live Support Frequently Asked Questions Reference Documents Downloadable Splash Report Document Downloadable New Employee Self Service PDF Instructions

2.15.2. Professional Learning Resources for Educators Reference Documents Resources For Educators (various docs and powerpoints)

2.15.3. Latest News & Updates Link to 'user's' MS Forms MS site for overview of MS Forms Online Training Module for MS Forms

2.15.4. Quick Launch Center R12 Go Live Support Site Campus SIS Portal Clever Portal Login EasyIEP Office 365 Portal Login ServicePRO Support Request Portal

2.15.5. Popular Technology Information Resources Cellular Services & Support **Mapped to ENO Page - Cellular Services** Guest Wi-Fi Guide for Guests and Employees Online Training for Office 365 Solutions (OneDrive, Office Suite, Teams, Forms and more) Skype for Business Resources **Mapped to ENO Page - Skype User Support Portal** Technology Services Catalog Teleworking Resources for Staff and Educators **Mapped to Remote Work Resources**

2.15.6. Technology Services Health Dashboard

2.15.7. Technology Services Catalog MNPS Academic Technology Marketplace

2.15.8. Application Support Administrative Applications Allovue - Financial Budgeting Tool Data Warehouse R12 / Payroll R12 / Purchasing Kronos School Funds Online Security - Raptor Security - Avigilon ServicePRO Transportation Assessment & Instructional Apps Clever FASTBridge Map/NWEA Questar Schoology WIDA/ACCESS Email / Microsoft Office 365 'Getting Started' Training for Microsoft 365 Resources Microsoft Office- getting started guides OneDrive Files On Demand & Known Folder Moves Get Office Pro Plus for your personal devices Get the TEAMS App for your personal PC or cellular device Infinite Campus Campus Health Campus Instruction Parent/Student Portal Student Information System User/Access Role Exception Request Password / Logon / User Access Application Computer Account/Office 365 Protect your identity and protected user data from hackers MNPS Account - password requirement overview Requesting and managing contractor accounts for non-employees Self-service Password Reset & Online Password Changes Telephone / Voicemail Unable to Logon Other Software / Applications Academic Technology Marketplace MNPS Software Center Telephone Support / Network Access UCView Digital Signage VBrick Video Portal & Live Streaming System 'Viking' Network Based Class Bell System Website Block / Unblock / VPN VPN Access Request Form How to request a site to be blocked How to request a review for a blocked site

2.15.9. Hardware Support Computer / iPad / Tablet / Monitor Computer / Laptop iPad / Tablet Monitor Peripheral Devices Multifunction Copiers Desktop Printers District Telephone / Cell Phone / MiFi Hotspot District Cell Phone District Mi-Fi Hotspot Telephone

2.16. Technology Services Department

2.16.1. Documents Desktop Support Resources Bitlocker Copiers and Printers Kronos LAPS Financial Operations General Support Resources Active Directory ServicePro TS Org Chart 1/7/2021

2.16.2. Get To Know Our Department Technology Services Department - Organization Chart

2.16.3. News

2.16.4. Events

2.17. Technology Services Support

2.17.1. Technology Support for Teachers and Staff Self-Service Knowledge Base Live Support Request Support

2.17.2. Accounts and Passwords About your MNPS Account Password Reset your MNPS Password Online Resetting Student Passwords

2.17.3. Laptops, Desktops and iPads Windows Laptops and Desktops Apple Macbooks and iMacs Apple iPads

2.17.4. Internet and Network Connectivity Schools-MNPSK12-WiFi Network MNPS Guest Network VPN (Access MNPS Network from Home)

2.17.5. Classroom and Office Equipment Printers and Copiers Projectors Document Cameras Telephones and District-Issued Cell Phones

2.17.6. Software Applications Schoology Infinite Campus HCM Cloud Learning R12 Taleo Clever Teams and Office365 Digital Textbooks Other Classroom Applications

2.18. Knowledge Base

3. Org Structure

3.1. Enterprise Data Systems

3.1.1. Enterprise Applications App Support Product Management

3.1.2. Enterprise Architecture

3.1.3. Software Development

3.2. Enterprise Network Operations

3.2.1. ISG - Infrastructure Support

3.2.2. SSG - Systems Support Database Administration Intune/Imaging

3.3. Enterprise Technology Services

3.3.1. Bransford Campus Support

3.3.2. Customer Experience Support

3.3.3. Equipment Support

3.3.4. Help Desk Staff Support Student Support

3.4. Field Support

3.4.1. Northeast Quadrant - McGavock McGavock Maplewood Stratford

3.4.2. Northwest Quadrant - Hunters Lane Hunters Lane Pearl-Cohn Whites Creek

3.4.3. Southeast Quadrant - Glencliff Antioch Cane Ridge Glencliff

3.4.4. Southwest Quadrant - Hillsboro Hillsboro Hillwood Overton

3.5. IT Purchasing & Receiving

3.5.1. Beacon

3.5.2. Receiving

3.5.3. Vendor Services

3.6. Project & Change Management

3.6.1. Change Management

3.6.2. Project Management

3.7. Technology Services Operations

3.7.1. Cellular

3.7.2. Copier Services

4. Copy Current Structure

5. Let's Flip the Script: User Stories (As A...I need to...)

5.1. Teacher

5.1.1. I need to fill in task and the goal task accomplishes

5.2. Principal

5.2.1. I need to

5.3. Grading Admin

5.3.1. I need to

5.4. TSS

5.4.1. I need to

5.5. ESG

5.5.1. I need to

5.6. Support/non-certificated employee

5.6.1. I need to

5.7. ED

6. UX/UI Considerations

6.1. Unified Navigation

6.2. How does this fit into the larger internet plan?

6.3. Template Coloring

6.4. Dynamic Document Linking

7. New Proposed Structure