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1. Game about hometown

1.1. Too direct?

1.2. Too indirect?

2. Horror-based game

2.1. Incorporate hometown fears & suffocation

2.2. Create an element that can visually represent suffocation

2.2.1. Eyes? Eyes are a bit on-the-nose Too indirect without it. Eyes are a great way to represent people "watching" you in a hometown. Include eyes in a hallway.

2.3. No jumpscares to prevent alienating target audience.

3. Use RPG Maker MV

3.1. Too pixelated?

3.1.1. No, more nostalgic with RPG Maker elements Make the game in RPG Maker MV

3.1.2. Yes, choose a realistic version The game would be far too large in scope for my goal budget

4. Conflict

4.1. Internal

4.1.1. Rather than one or the other, use dungeons and memories to make both.

4.2. External

4.2.1. Can use bullies, family, etc. and fight using environmental resources.

5. Sound?

5.1. Atmospheric and emotion-based to aid in driving conflict.

5.2. Sound effects included but no voice-overs to maintain the illusion of immersion.

6. Branching Dialogue?

6.1. Too complicated for scope

6.1.1. Create one large decision. This will make it more impactful.

6.2. Yes

7. Inspirations

7.1. Night in the Woods

7.1.1. Discusses hometown politics and relations in an interesting way while still maintaining a unique style.

7.2. RPG Maker classics

7.2.1. Ib, Ao Oni, etc.

8. Cost?

8.1. Under a thousand dollars.

8.1.1. Mostly advertising, distribution, etc. Objective to sell around one hundred copies by the end of the release year.

9. Scheduling?

9.1. Based around a year's cycle.

10. Methodology?

10.1. Waterfall.

11. Assets?

11.1. I will use RPG Maker's preexisting assets and my own digital art.

12. Scope?

12.1. Playable in under an hour.

12.2. The game will be completed when most bugs are reasonably resolved and the narrative is cohesive, engaging, and understandable to its target audience upon testing. All assets will be completed, uploaded, and applied to the game in accordance with the script’s predetermined outline.

12.3. The game will have the direct product resulting from the project, the project documentation including plans, reports, manuals, and the narrative’s script. Any code utilized within the game will be included upon completion

13. Resources?

13.1. Friends/acquaintances in the game design, art, and animation communities for guidance.

14. Designer Goals?

14.1. Personal Expression

14.2. Greater Good

14.3. Becoming a better designer

15. Player Goals?

15.1. Attention and Involvement

15.2. Experiential Understanding

15.3. Interesting Decisions