Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein by Mind Map: Albert Einstein


1.1. Einstein attended high school at Munich. Though he was a good student in academics ,he came up with constant conflicts with he left the school permanently.

1.2. Einstein later wished to study in SWITZERLAND.

1.3. Einstein was interested in mathematics and physics than any other subject. So, he then shifted to the University of Zurich, where he met Mileva Maric.


2.1. Einstein was born on 14 March 1879in the German city of Ulm.

2.2. His head was quite large for which his mother called him a 'Freak'

2.3. At the age of two and half, Einstein would repeat everything twice unlike other small children.

2.4. He was called as 'Brother boring' as he didn't know how to communicate with his friends and play with them. So, he spent time playing with mechanical toys and got so obsessed that he asked where are the wheels of his younger sister.

2.5. Einstein's Headmaster once said that he wouldn't achieve anything. But to prove it was wrong he learned to play violin and soon became an amateur violinist.


3.1. He first secured a job in Bern at the patent Office as technical expert in 1902.

3.1.1. At the age of 23

3.2. Einstein was asked to assess other people's inventions but meanwhile he developed his own inventions under cover. He humorously called his desk drawer as the "bureau of theoretical physics"

3.3. In 1905 the famous, Special Theory of Relativity by Einstein states that Time and Distance are not absolute. 📜

3.3.1. It explains how space and time are linked for objects that are moving at a consistent speed in a straight line.

3.3.2. If an object travels at the speed of light, it's mass becomes infinite and cant travel any more faster.

3.4. In 1915 he published his General Theory of Relativity which brought up a new definition for Gravity. 📜

3.4.1. A solar eclipse in 1919 proved that it was true


4.1. Albert Einstein worked hard for his paper of special theory of relativity, and it paid off. It provided a new interpretation of gravity which was astonishing. This brought about a 'scientific revolution.

4.2. Later, he received a NOBLE PRIZE for physics in 1921

4.3. After Einstein's death, he was looked upon as an inspiration of being a world citizen,by promoting world peace and democracy, and as a visionary


5.1. Einstein wrote to Franklin D. Roosevelt (American president at the time) on 2 August 1939 about the danger of Germany's atomic bomb.

5.2. The American government took his advice, but they built their own atomic bomb and destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

5.3. Deeply shaken, he wrote a missive to the UN proposing a world government. This letter had no effect, which is why he got into politics. He campaigned for peace and democracy over the next 10 years of his life

6. Personal Life

6.1. In the university of Zurich, Europe, Albert Einstein met Mileva Maric, in whom he found an ally .The two had similar ideologies which brought them together.

6.2. Right when Einstein started working, his attention grew more towards profession than in personal life. He was so busy with his inventions and discoveries, that his private life with Mileva Maric was weakening.

6.3. He thought of marrying Mileva right after finishing his studies,but his mother was against it. A three-years age gap was not pleasing to her. So,Einstein had no other option other than putting the wedding off

6.4. The two finally got married in 1903,with two sons, but with constant fighting, the two got separated. In the same year, Einstein married his cousin Elsa