iPads Are The Wave of the Future, NOT a Passing Fad

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iPads Are The Wave of the Future, NOT a Passing Fad by Mind Map: iPads Are The Wave of the Future, NOT a Passing Fad

1. Final Notes

1.1. Wave of future

2. How can we integrate technology in to the classroom: One way, and perhaps, the most innovative way is the use of iPads!

2.1. The iPad offers

2.2. Check out how these students navigate the iPad. Listen to what the feedback from teachers as well!

2.3. Applications on iPad

2.4. Students are quick to figure out the steps to making a movie with their iPads. Pacific Elementary School, Manhattan Beach. Photo by Brad Graverson 2-15-12

2.5. Teachers can customize apps to match the instructional needs of each child, so students can learn successfully at their own level and pace.

2.6. For example... digital text book audio clip

3. While many new technologies have emerged throughout history, so has the cry for educators to find meaningful ways to incorporate technologies into the classroom - be it a typewriter, the television, the calculator or the computer. (use audio clip)

4. Many students currently in K-12 are using new technologies and new media to:

5. What is good Learning?

6. iBooks

6.1. What is Apple iBook?

6.2. What is an iBook?

6.2.1. Example 1

6.2.2. Example 2

6.3. What is iBooks2?

6.4. iBooks Author

6.5. Evolutionary and revolutionary

6.6. However, the shift to digital textbooks will take time.

6.7. Tim Baird, Superintendent, said "I think digital textbooks are an intermediate stopgap between where we are now with paper textbooks (and the future) but I think in this day and age, you don't need something that starts on one page and goes to page 327. You don't need a textbook model."

6.8. Add video clip

7. iTunes U

7.1. Add video clip

8. There is not a ton of debate about whether this is a direction the schools are heading, the question is more: How quickly will the future arrive?

8.1. The future is here

9. How can teachers adapt? Is it worth it? What are the hurdles?

9.1. The objective has to be learning, not just getting the technology out there. We cant just hand equipment to the kids and expected them to be able to learn.

9.2. The one major hurdle is money.