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1. Water 2L-ish

2. Vitamins

3. Foods I can eat to avoid Matt

4. Foods that work when I have no appetite

5. How do I remember to eat?

6. HOW?

7. Quit Nicotine

8. Reduce Soda/Sugar

9. Quick snacks? (Not junk food)

10. Improve General Diet

11. How long will it take?

12. How much do I eat?

13. I am scared to get fat

14. Gaining weight (~10lbs)

15. I need sneakers and basic gym clothes

16. Online Plan? Jog/Run? Resistance Bands?

17. Flexibility/Moving During the Day

18. Where should I even start?

19. Physical Health

20. When to workout?

21. Sleep/Wake up Time?

22. How much is too much? I know everyone says do a little at a time but I feel like if I don't start a little of everything I'll get discouraged and give up (again).

23. Holding myself accountable?

24. How do I make it strict enough to keep me on track but flexible enough that I can allow for unknowns?

25. Schedule

26. Do I need to talk about my sleep & sadness with Dr. Rosen?

27. Mind and Motion/Other Options

28. Find a Coach/Sign up for DIG Coach

29. Mental Health

30. Money

31. Feel good/better mindset/ Get out of this rut

32. Routine/Habits

33. [All gray bubbles]

34. Build a PC/Get XBOX Series X

35. Starting a YouTube /Tik Tok/etc for Gaming

36. Finding a hobby (art)

37. Getting a small house with a yard

38. Goals/Ideas

39. 70k mile

40. I need to schedule this but there are a lot of moving parts, and it gets overwhelming

41. Airbag Repair

42. Oil Change

43. Maintenance

44. Body Work- Cost? DIY? Not priority but I know the wear on the paint can cause other problems.

45. Repair

46. Car

47. More walks/exercise/playtime

48. Schedule

49. Training?

50. Anakin

51. Other

52. How do I ask for a raise after the COVID recession? I know I deserve more.

53. My job is flexible should I find a better schedule for it to be more productive?

54. Should I get a certification?

55. Career

56. I don't think I could handle it right now.

57. Second income?

58. Should I be investing?

59. How often do I check it or keep track?

60. Realistic/Simple

61. Budget

62. There are a million resources online, but nothing makes sense

63. Things are being paid but I feel like I am being counterproductive

64. I don't even know where to start

65. Finances

66. Health