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get people to signup and receive calls by Mind Map: get people to signup and receive calls

1. Is this viable? Get people to call you

1.1. impore aesthetics

1.1.1. make webphoneC a little bigger

1.1.2. integrate landing page " don't worry about asking a dumb question; we've here to help " someone has already struggled with that, and figured it out, talk with them

1.1.3. home is too confusing, just list my number once with all the properties, leave home to an optional view add a string to users the way to describe oneself would be - maybe? - "how to fix a creaky bottom bracket" "brake making turkey gobble warble noise" "rockshox vivid r2c2 topout" show all users regardless of online or offline add a request to go online button? if offline, "alert when back online"

1.2. show up for questions on google

1.2.1. create a users page where you type up questions, list folders, do this in regular app add 'questions' string property to usersTable should all the questions be part of one string or an array of strings? yes one string

1.2.2. migrate app to next.js done save doesnt work now?! make a page that lists the users going straight to /users webpage didnt load anything because amplify hadn't been configured? string needs to be title, child pair, array of objects? or you should be able to dynamically create topics... how? text editor within react? see if you can get some question to show up on google make /[id] look presentable write down 3 previous questions youve solved. create a client is inactive but available? create a "receive a 1 time notification when user goes online" make calling last 2 minutes, remove online/offline, errbody is offline. be able to connect to a call if offline create a call button, throw in webphoneC create a receiver that you can open with and connect with a call blank line added when saving edit...

2. Double deferred

2.1. create blog posts on

2.1.1. make the ihateeating site federated identities, cdk? try out amplifies prebuilt Auth? You don't have to use it as an HOC start with just putting up pictures with one unauthed comment section retake pictures of the food you eat with decent lighting in the kitchen

2.1.2. show your mind map on your website add a splash page to get CSS working, page should float semi left insert photo(s) clean up make github public? make sure all my keys are removed

2.1.3. make a OT accelerator modernified tutorial and share the repo?

2.1.4. can you put a whenhub on there?

2.1.5. "how to make a chat app with opentok"

2.2. switch to federated identities

2.2.1. how do I authenticate with federated identity, calling auth.currentuser etc?

2.2.2. implement amplify auth component

2.3. be able to show screen in text chat if receiver allows

2.3.1. just tell people to call back, not an issue until $$/min

2.4. websplashR shows you need to be logged in, in dev, and 'waiting for calls' in prod

2.4.1. but not in firefox, just chrome, some caching thing? even though I deleted all app data

2.5. errors in app manifest (chrome inspector)

2.6. Payment buttons stay greyed on review

2.7. shit loads slow

2.7.1. I don't think you need to have the opentok npm package if you import as script

2.8. online uer data - you could nest it in the backend everytime its changed and everyone pulls from that instead of nesting it themselves

2.9. navbar needs to not hide in corner on full screen web page

2.10. removed max conversation duration timer from websplash/phoneC

2.11. change /i/ to /t/

2.12. put a hyphen in phone number at least for /

2.13. hide account feature, now that im gonna show all accounts

3. done

3.1. do disconnect timers work?

3.1.1. webphoneR's self timer does

3.1.2. not if navigating away from page

3.2. done

3.2.1. sessionWebhook.. timedout my guess is needs to be wrapped in try catch does it get called if no payments/ invalid receiver, receiver gotten from sessiondata createsession modiefies session data

3.2.2. be available all the time need a go online/offline button on mobile I need my phone to receive notifications properly

3.2.3. I need a splash page "nobody is online" just use prnt screen shots of the app for convo examples make a text conversation and ask a question make a screen conversation>?>? add a search feature (doesn't need to search) that will collect people's "question topic" make it the default page make the splash page default and go prod can I make it so I don't have to use /i/

3.2.4. be able to receive calls on my phone when calling someone, make it say calling... TAVS clicking the notification creates a new page make the notifications go away... I get ringing but only when chrome is left up even when webpage isn't up, but its after the second call vibrate doesn't work like I programmed it to vibrate api does work when calling manually. no reception of call on firefox at all NOW NOT ON CHROME cause navigator.vibrate not accessible in sw, err'rd out webphoneC calling goes on forever webphoneR I got marked inactive, but call still up when going to answer a call, "you have been marked inactive" websplashRs fault

3.2.5. webphoneC stays calling forever?, webphoneR cancels webphoneR disconnects in call again for being inactive...? when you force inactive, make sure to disconnect, cause if its a false force... you stay connected forever R timer, C didn't say anything I just fuckin removed it. Now webphoneR disconnect is controlled purely by webphoneC SHIT DIDNT CONENCT? webphoneR goes back to online after forceuserinactive is hit? made it so front end goes inactive? going back online ill get a double ringer? refresh button caused forceInactive to fire forceuserINactive doesn't send a calldisconnected webpush, thats disconnectcall the force refresh fire doesn't matter, cause it checks the session, so if he is in a session that gets closed... Private users session data is marked null before can make update to force offline .. but only if it didnt get called in the first place. ie forcedisconnect, refresh, no forcedisconnect.

3.2.6. does tipping work in prod does it work in dev?

3.2.7. that works now, but subscriber gets rendered below...?

3.2.8. webphoneC didnt render video publisher its because i added the otherconnection condition to webphoneC AVS doesn't reneder unless the other connection is sniffed, so you can pub immediatly in AVS clean up VAS

3.2.9. tip amount is greyed out pubKey is undefined

3.3. add event listener search for window client is hard stringed' I need to get env variable into sw, but havent

3.3.1. added both websites dev and prod

3.4. rebuild TAVS with otSDK

3.4.1. webphoneR signaling fails session connection doesn't return an obj I wasn't using OTK.session.signal, rather otSDK.signal, then the OTK state has to stay above, had signaling in text component, it would restate without OTK webphoneC signaling works create a webphoneHR to create otSDK

3.4.2. webphoneC and webphoneR disconnect fails do you need connection state in webphone any more bring disconnection timer up

3.4.3. make audio work Completion handler threw an exception TypeError: this.subscribers[type] is undefined still works... session disconnected vs connection destroyed? whats the difference between /disconnectcall & /forceuserianctive ?? does disconnectionTimer need to be cleared out in webphoneHC? webphoneC audio?!/!? publish nor subscribe T.Session: Cannot connect, the session is already undefined I had randomly mistyped behind a variable... and a propsdeviceinput webphoneC disconnect button in call forces user inactive, and it shouldn't

3.4.4. websplashR's own ring timer disconnector isnt working correctly webphoneHC disconnection timer sends an undefined sessionId

3.4.5. webphoneR is now getting marked inactive in call

3.4.6. webphoneR disconnect makes webphoneR go offline

3.5. change websplashR to button

3.5.1. What's the downside to using cognito from props - token doesn't auto refresh cause your calling the token. Auth could go stale - onunload

3.5.2. websplashR manages to render 3 times.. twice without props, once with because App.js renders 3 times! while app renders 3 times when initizialized, it doesn't do that every page change, just cause on phone your opening a new window, ie app

3.5.3. webphoneR doesn't have a time limit

3.6. opentok OTSession component is depreacated

3.6.1. not anymore, cause I updated? Continue to use a hybrid system fix video and screen useEffect reference problem tried to import OT from html script, couldn't figure it out. can you test createSession programmatically? - It would be pretty fucking complicated to replicate a createSession I need to use useCallback? webphoneR renders twice, and again upon text updates/actions if you change to OT.initsession instead of component

3.6.2. kept using ot-react OT.initpublisher hybrid, simply implemented useRef to loophole out of useEffect 'missing dependency' it initially didnt work because I was checking (!session) { return }, removed that and worked, after all im in session so it shouldn't be rendered if that didn't exist

3.7. video chat from iphone to pc doesn't work

3.7.1. browser stays using audio/video in /review

3.7.2. "no device" on caller screen when texting

3.7.3. screenshare didn't work pc to pc Session.publish :: First parameter passed in is neither a string nor an instance of the Publisher both in webphoneR, webphoneC, only C has useEffect

3.8. Session.publish is still failing

3.8.1. shit only works on refresh... parent (webphoneR/C) ref issue...? I think this is strictly because of using useEffect(()=>{}[session]), doesn't work with no dependency either.. i think shit would be easier if you used opentok js for session, useEffect get session, set sesssionState, pass sessionstate to child i think its from the audio or maybe screen/video props shit just stays calling now webphoneC is not getting an OT on connection created

3.8.2. audio still plays in webphoneR even after webphoneC is gone. webphoneC disconnect not triggering webphoneR even after clicking goOffline

3.8.3. webphoneR go offline button not triggering backend offline connection destroyed not working because div isnt getting unmounted? or something.. closing webphoneC does hit and disconnect webphoneR didn't ring, stale localhost? the button is pressed, useHistory().push/replace w/e is triggered... added OTSessionState.disconnect()

3.8.4. webphoneR will stay in session while webphoneC will reset on a npm refresh, disconnect will work after webphoneC is showing call screen ot.init causing issues since technically shits already ininted, then im connecting,..?

3.8.5. push the components up into webphones audio (with video now lol) overwrites itself... twice WEBPHONEc state erases it, ie u type anything, goodbye div

3.9. get ci/cd working

3.9.1. get to load netlify build, how tf is it loading doesn't connect to backend request Talktree Deleted s3 buckets deleted A record on namebright to and cant delete .me AAAA still working after deleting dns control on netlify cause TTL .me still live because of A attribute to IP

3.9.2. how do I tell if and .me are right

3.9.3. GIT PULL

3.9.4. seperate sentry into 2, dev and prod? sentry is dev & prod Builds

3.10. get phone fixed

3.10.1. head to ufixit tommorow

3.11. Accelerator???

3.11.1. get dummy keys


3.11.3. regardless of what receiver has enabled, can you make an initial text only call make sdk app import dummy props as if to inject it into webphoneR make app show screen to screen properly, and screen to video (other screen fullscreen, video publisher small(=) toggle audio button changes state but doesnt change the session..? how does loading outside of the fn component work webphoneC disconnect button dont work, webphoneR does

3.11.4. can you implement user is typing to textbox add text chat component to webphoneR add text component to sdk example make the sdkot app open with just text text css is from import, all other is in app.css setState erases prev state duh add all the extras to sdk app

3.12. video doesn't work

3.12.1. cannot read publish of undefined (cannot read sessionRef?) can you make dev deploy a fixed url? yes, but only

3.12.2. screenshare doesn't either Session.publish :: First parameter passed in is neither a string nor an instance of the Publisher shit works when app is rebuilt and phone is already open

3.13. webphone fucky

3.13.1. webphoneR was forced inactive while in call after marked inactive, still updated state with a new stream from caller webphoneC cleartimer that forcedisconnects wasn't getting called

3.13.2. webphoneR needs a catch screen for when not logged in renders just white screen

3.13.3. webphoneC prompted to share screen twice after 30 seconds I get asked to share screen again ITS CAUSE webphoneHC, webphoneC seems to work without useEffect, its all session.on's it asks me for audio like a fuckload right?

3.13.4. make screen showed resizable

3.13.5. screen.js - if webphoneC publishes before webphoneR answers, webphoneR doesn't publsh screen needs to attempt to subscribe upon loading as well as .on'streamcreated' webphoneC subscriber works but im getting an extra publisher? if webphoneC publishes before webphoneR connects, webphoneR doesn't susbscribe to pub since init subscriber is in TAVS and not webphone, you will need to initialize sub in audio and video as well

3.13.6. fuck it; how did I get textacc to work I would have to do some serious work - text is only showing as one person, is that because of duplicate naming, or because of using duplicate token? can I get annotations to work though? it doesnt matter, deferred

3.13.7. video is funked missing subscriber

3.13.8. "calling" needs to remain up while webphoneC is sitting in "connected" but not other person connected

3.14. does netlify auto GENERATE_SOURCEMAP=false, can I delete the .env file? No, it must be provided to prevent sourcemaps

3.15. get facebook/instagram ads

3.15.1. paste some text over some bike photos

3.15.2. create facebook page

3.15.3. create instagram page

3.15.4. make an ad for webdev clean room, take photo of desk with maybe cli and code up

4. learned

4.1. dec

4.1.1. <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" /> CAUSED MINDMAP IFRAME TO NOT GO HEIGHT 100%, THIS IS WHY I HAD SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH VID in talktree only if I use 100vh, not %, tried to add height=device-height, no effect on %

4.1.2. bootstrap has a btn-link, you don't need to stylize a button (I think I do somewhere in talktree)

4.1.3. Your ref it not initialized until after your component's first render I added a useEffect in webphoneR to cause a rerender with screen reliant on after initial render state

4.1.4. case x: return (t/fvar) && <render> does not equal (t/fvar) && <render>

4.1.5. cli + more git log --pretty =oneline git checkout -f, idgaf about eslint file updating I did 'GTK_IM_MODULE="xim" code' in cli to get rid of ctrl shift e bind

4.1.6. each setstate in useEffect causes a render

4.1.7. passing props like this: {...props} otSDK={otSDK} WORKS, order dependent

4.1.8. props.location.state.X

4.2. jan

4.2.1. ref.current = value != useRef(value), somehow? but doesn't it most of the time

4.2.2. on freeze, ctrl alt f4, free -m,

4.2.3. in webphoneHC, just calling another state and refreshing doesn't get rid of a timeout call

4.2.4. navigator.vibrate works in websplashR, page has to be open though

4.2.5. if you have multiple setSTates in a funciton, just make group that state together in an obj

4.2.6. google crawling bots have limited crawling time per website, possible to not get everything cause slow load times

4.2.7. dynamodb can be nested 32 times, can store 400kb per item

4.2.8. tried using forEach in jsx to enumarate an array, didn't work, map does

4.2.9. console log getstaticprops logs on the CLI not in the browser

4.2.10. when using const Users = ({ allUsers }) => {, 'allUsers' is variable specific

4.2.11. pretty sure you cant pass props from getstatic paths to getstatic props, you just have to iterate over the data again

4.2.12. you need to use <a> tags to get crawled by google, still works with Link wrapping a?

4.2.13. sending bad auth responds with a cors err?

5. bugs??

5.1. call went through, forced user disconnect on screen close

5.1.1. if I close the iphone even after connecting, it will force disconnect, but only within the timer time?

5.2. webphoneR after call on mobile froze

5.3. blocking Devices in TAVS?

5.3.1. if you block audio on screenshare, it crashes

5.4. webphone C, on pressing back/refreshing, etc. forces webphoneR offline and not active

5.5. amazon ses failure to deliver verification code?>?

5.5.1. I was able to sign up in prod

5.6. I get a "you missed a call" warning when webphoneC just naturally closed? (when my dad called)

5.7. updateUserInactive receiving stale auth, I think from websplashR goOFfline with await auth,

5.8. doesnt load? favicon 512

6. Deferred

6.1. blog how to build my website, blog creating my RN app

6.1.1. could you allow users to draw or add text over your website? you could use literally canvas, but you would be saving the whole page as a png, and loading just that.. (would have to be very complex to be mobile friendly)

6.2. loading website initially sometimes take a really long time - is that because of the CDN?

6.2.1. does my site cache in sw? for the sake of understanding if I need to close and reopen when updating

6.3. make the crudest receiver possible to receive calls on android, hardcode your creds, who gives a fuck

6.4. reddit

6.4.1. make reddit post: "should i quit my job as a bike mechanic to work on my app full time?"

6.4.2. send 3 reddits dms a day where do I find people to message? search questions? The questions that don't get answered are usually the questions I don't know and the ones that do are..

6.4.3. how efficient are you..? I used to be so bad at working, now I'm spending 4 hours a day working askreddit. how much time do you spend working toward your goals? (cant add any subtext)

6.4.4. /js or /react, do you use opentok? its kind of hard to use and expensive how hard is it to implement webrtc? I use opentok...

6.4.5. /r webdev - do you use opentok? /webdev /react - make a guide replicating phone in react

6.4.6. post mechanic resume, "where being a bike mechanic has taken me", "the only place I couldn't get a job was in Hawaii but I didn't try very hard and decided to pursue and app idea"; australia would help

6.4.7. " i like to get things out of my head " - show mindmester

6.4.8. "I want to create THE place for pay per minute communication"

6.4.9. "bike mechanics - whats something you've never figured out", my vividr2c...

6.4.10. "a major hurdle when learning programming was getting stuck on one problem and not knowing where to go"...

6.5. implement annotation

6.5.1. text box - cannot get connection id? webphoneC is only rendered after connection... textbox wasn't working because it was outside of otDK.CONNECT

6.5.2. it has annotation

6.6. implement authenticator, need to extract state shit

6.6.1. I don't think its worth the reward. probably best to just clean up my code instead

6.7. get an trial, and search for all the competing businesses

6.7.1. moz has a free month, then $100/month

6.8. glitches, mainly webphoneR

6.8.1. calling not going through at all temporarily from pc to phone prod?

6.8.2. sentry error - opening webphone when not logged in

6.8.3. restoring call page and making a call - Cannot read property 'apikey' of undefined in webphoneHC post /tokbox.catch

6.8.4. did i get forced offline after I had disconnected from a call?

6.8.5. seed access token has expired, webphoneR settimeout not working as expected? Can I increase the make access token last 24hrs you set the token expirey in authfedereated.signin, how to pass options in reg auth.signin, cloudformation userpoolclient tokenvalidity property updateUserInactive auth token expired

6.8.6. does phone ring when logged out on pc? it does not

6.8.7. updateUserInactive, invalid access tokens? timers don't work correctly when not focused

6.8.8. add button to go online on "you have been marked inactive page"

6.8.9. declinging call while ringing on webphoneR leaves webphoneC ringing

6.9. made camera button to always on since isMobile() isnt working? naw cuz wasnt div'd after pub'r

6.9.1. pressing change camera button causes crashes, now back to mobile only

6.9.2. change button doesn't unmount old publisher make some obvious changes in code to render so I can see what caches rerendered dev.talktree without closing, just a refresh..

6.10. make the iOS receiver app

6.10.1. <main screen> <go online button> webphonehr..r.tavs

7. notes

7.1. I installed opentok-archiving because i would get a production build warning because it wasnt found in the accelerator-core

7.2. does serviceWorker file in src do anything? app.js registers public /sw. index.js registers src/serviceWoerk

7.3. receiving call, no ring or wakeup when site not focused.

7.4. "add your google search history to bio"

7.5. using A records in netlify - not utilizing CDN properly, need ALIAS records, but can't do that on AWS cause it needs to be internal, would need to have netlify handle domain?

7.6. use h1... etc for topics, seo

7.7. Im using dangerouslySetInnerHTML, bad?

7.8. Im inside a .then, response is ot session, otinitsession(response) shit says it doesnt exit?!?!?!?!?!?!?

7.9. the event body in a non lambda integration is json, needs to be prased (createSession2)

8. questions

8.1. why is declaring.current sometimes needed and useref(this) suffice?

8.2. if you use typescript you can see whats inside the packages? could you see whats inside OT shit?

8.3. when the file builds or w/e would a function thats not immediatly invoked call an sync function within?,, goOffline is getting called and its sending stale auth, it should be sending new auth

8.4. do you need to call await again on the outside of an async function which has await within?

8.5. should i be "structuring data" for google SEO? Understand how structured data works  |  Google Search Central

8.6. how do I change url with #, does that get seo'dd well?

8.7. does process.env.reactappstage, process.env.publicurl work in next?

8.8. loading a script html tag vs js import (ie opentok)

9. not anymore

9.1. move email to .com

9.1.1. need to add Stripes email CNAME's to hosted zone in netlify dns

9.1.2. add google's mx