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ELP by Mind Map: ELP

1. Dondon

1.1. 24NOV2015 Deed of Sale of T-57553 (Silway) to Roberto Perales w/ Secretary Cert authorizing the sale

1.2. 08Jun2016 Respondents forged an SPA for loan of T-32456 (Pendatun) to Ester Ramos Natividad

1.3. 02May2017 Respondents forged an SPA to mortgage/sell T-113022 (ZAPOTE??); Mortgaged to Vincent Eric Chua on 07Jun2017

1.4. 13Mar2018 Adverse Claim

1.5. 23May2018 Deed of Sale of Zapote to Kuason Corporation

1.6. An SPA for T-57551 (Silway) the Sale to RD

1.7. 03Jan2018, leased (42sqm) T-57551 to RD

1.8. 04Dec2018 Danilo discovered these transactions

2. In the Complaint

2.1. Falsification

2.2. Expanded in Hawaii on 2007 w/ conformity of the board

2.3. Without knowledge of Board, Respondents closed pawnshops and liquidated properties in 2009-2010

2.4. Bank account was closed on 12MAY2014

2.5. Illegal appointment on 30OCT2013 as Board of Directors

2.6. Amended GIS on 2016

2.7. Ceased operation on 2009

2.8. Trips using Corporate money and that respondents have no source of income

2.9. 23NOV2013 Respondents purchase property using corporate fund. None of the respondents work and only rely on the corporation

2.10. Only on Nov2018 he came back from US

2.11. 07OCT2014 Flordeliza took over

2.12. 9years of unremitted rental income (2012-2020??)

3. Registry

3.1. Founded on 03JUN1983

3.2. Incorporators

3.2.1. Danilo P384,000

3.2.2. Benjamin Napala P4,000

3.2.3. Ronaldo Napala P4,000

3.2.4. Daria Napala P4,000

3.2.5. Flordeliza Napala P4,000

4. Properties

4.1. T-98767 (Zapote)

4.2. T-57553 (Silway)

4.3. T-57551 (Silway RD)

4.4. T-17242 (Magsaysay)

4.5. T-32456 (Pendatun)

4.6. Km.3 Asin St, Baguio City

5. Counter-Affidavit

5.1. 03Mar1995 Marriage in HK

5.2. 07Nov1995 Born Strawberrie

5.3. 03Oct1997 Born Dalton

5.4. 19May1999 Born Donald

5.5. 14Jan2004 Danilo DTI Registration

5.6. Closed all pawnshops and melted jewelries

5.7. 22Jul2010 Filed Concubinage Case

5.8. 15Sep2010 Danilo filed GIS

5.9. 04Jun2013 Index Salon rent deposit

5.10. 14Oct2013 Revival of Concubinage case

5.11. Nov2013 Flordeliza took over the rentals

5.12. 13Feb2014 Flordeliza DTI Registration

5.13. On Passport: 2010 and 2011 Arrival of Danilo

5.14. Travels using pension proceeds

6. Transactions

6.1. Danilo has all the say

6.2. Danilo keeps the stock and transfer book

6.3. Danilo makes all resolutions without meetings and just let the stockholders sign

6.4. Rental payments are sent to his personal account

7. Reply-Affidavit

7.1. Danilo denied the GIS 2010 indicating it was forged

7.2. Danilo reiterates transaction from 2013 to present without regard to his transactions prior since 2002 Real Estate Lessor

7.3. Danilo denied the Financial Statement as still forged

7.4. Danilo declares ELP as not a close family corporation - [then what? its not even public and open to the public] technically it is his personal corporation, all for himself without regard to obligations to his legitimate family and making this family as irrelevant in his business

7.5. Denied closing and transferring of capital to Hawaii and deemed as hearsay and lack of evidence

8. Other SEC Records

8.1. Emergency Pawnshop Bula, Inc.

8.2. Emergency Pawnshop - Silway, Inc.

8.3. Emergency Pawnshop Acharon, Inc.