Drive structure CF

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Drive structure CF by Mind Map: Drive structure CF

1. CG Organisations

1.1. CMS

1.1.1. Organisational Level Strategic Documents & Operational Plans Year-wise Stakeholder Engagement Docs Confidential Governance BOD + Committees

1.1.2. Programme Units Development Solutions M4R Portfolio Practice Areas E4C Portfolio T4D Portfolio Health Livelihoods Wellbeing for Workforce Community Engagement Investments Models Institutions Leaders Networks Finance ICT HR Admin Governance MEAL Marketing & Comms Partnerships Legal & Statutory

1.2. Vrutti

1.2.1. Programme Units 3Fold Fishmarc VLife Projects Proposals Organization level Projects

1.2.2. Enablers HR Recruitment /Contracts HR Trainings Admin Assets Vendors MEAL Dashboards Reviews Tools Learnings /casestudies Technology Communication Branding & Positioning Board Updates Publications Finance Grants Bank Payments

1.3. Fuzhio

1.3.1. Programme Units Noble Plastic Hanger Recycling Shrouds Recycling Agri Business Commodity Trading Agri Business Value Added Products Agri Business Bespoke Products

1.3.2. Enablers Comms Fuzhio Overall Noble Plastic MEAL Fuzhio Agri Noble Plastic Fuzhio Overall Finance Fuzhio Overall Website Social Media Strategy

1.4. Swasti

1.4.1. Strategic Pathways Demonstrate i4We Urban i4We Rural i4We Marginalised Communities i4We Factories Support Impact at Scale Projects Influence Projects

1.4.2. Enablers Communications Blogs and Papers Branding Strategy Social Media Process Website Finance Administration Human Resources Recruitment Personnel Trainings Leave applications and requests MEAL MEAL support Milestones MIS Swasti Reviews Technology Capacity Building Partnerships Business Plan Partnership and Leads Opportunities

1.4.3. Governance General Body Governing Body Strategy to Results (S2R)

1.5. GF

1.5.1. Organisation Level GF-Certification PGSOC GF-Strategy and planning Projects GF- Projects GF-Research Enablers GF-Communication GF- Finance HR and Admin MEAL Network policy Opportunities Partnerships Governance Trustee meetings Janadhanya federation JFPCL

2. Catalyst Foundation

2.1. Group Initiatives

2.1.1. Group Programmes CAC IRB CSI

2.1.2. Group Enablers (SEAL) Group enablers

2.2. Group-level opportunities

2.2.1. OST

2.2.2. Latest CG staff CVs

2.3. Group memberships

2.3.1. AVPN

2.4. Strategy & Workplan