Benifits of personal branding?

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Benifits of personal branding? by Mind Map: Benifits of personal branding?

1. why personal branding?

1.1. it holds power

1.2. it is more valuable than what you think

1.3. how do you find that power?

1.3.1. through discovery

1.3.2. identify why you want a personla brand

1.3.3. understand how you develop it

1.3.4. identify how it can help you and your career

2. How to choose your niche?

2.1. indentify interests and passion

2.2. identify problems you can solve

2.3. research your competetion

2.4. determine the profitability of your niche

2.5. test your idea in real time scenario

3. How to attract the right audience to your brand?

3.1. through targetting

3.2. consistent and relevant content in blog/social media

3.3. stick to the field

3.4. give value

3.5. display clarity

3.6. research