Web Tools Mind Map

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Web Tools Mind Map by Mind Map: Web Tools Mind Map

1. Online Teaching Platforms

1.1. Google Classroom

1.1.1. A web service by Google that allows information regarding grading, assignments, and distribution to be housed in one central location. A google classroom is the place where students and teachers can meet together to hold class discussions, students can engage with each other in a "student lounge" and all information is located in one central location making ease of access a breeze. Sign in - Google Accounts

1.2. Blackboard Collaborate

1.2.1. A great web tool for creating meetings, a place where students or co-workers can collaborate on projects or discussions. This includes a way to share content from your computer to others and it has an interactive whiteboard for all to share ideas. Blackboard Collaborate | Distance Learning System | Blackboard.com

2. Microsoft Office Suite

2.1. Publisher

2.1.1. Microsoft Publisher allows A desktop publishing software that allows you to publish a variety of materials. Teachers can use Publisher to create classroom newsletter each month to email to families. Students can use publisher to create story books, pamphlets, and posters to display their learning. Desktop Publishing Software | Download MS Publisher

2.2. Powerpoint

2.2.1. This webtool allows the user to create powerful presentations and display information in a condensed, professional format. Teachers can use Powerpoint to create Back to School presentations while students can create presentations to share with classmates and teachers via an online learning platform. Microsoft PowerPoint, Slide Presentation Software, PPT

2.3. One Note

2.3.1. A web based note taking program that allows users to collaborate on the same project. The program allows users to combine, notes, screen clippings, videos, and audio commentary to work together to achieve common goals. Teachers can use this program to create units and lesson plans, while students can collaborate and share ideas on topics of research and interest. OneNote, digital note taking app - Office

3. Personal Learning Community

3.1. Teaching Channel

3.1.1. A place where teachers have access to other teachers, teaching ideas, best practices, and a huge library of teaching content. Helpful to search for or expand on ideas initiated through professional development. Teachers can explore on their own time and at their own pace. Teaching Channel

3.2. Twitter

3.2.1. A social media platform where you can connect with other educators from around the country or around the world. Teachers can choose to follow others who have the same teaching philosophy, ultimately making the greatest impact on their professional career and students. www.twitter.com

3.3. MindShift

3.3.1. A webtool that allows educators, teachers, and parents access into information on how children are being raised and taught. Teachers can explore new practices in education and get a variety of ideas of how to teach and work with the most challenging students and families. MindShift | KQED

4. Teacher Created Content

4.1. POWtoon

4.1.1. a Web-based animation software that allows you to create animated presentations with your students or co-teachers. You can use already created templates or design your own to use. Great for having students collaborate on delivering information learned about a specific topic. Makes learning very memorable and fun.

4.2. Prezi

4.2.1. A presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to traditional slide making programs such as PowerPoint. Prezi doesn't use slides but rather a canvas that allows you to zoom in and out, highlighting important information as you are presenting. For example, when learning about the parts of the body, students could zoom in and out when speaking about a particular organ and its' function. Virtual presentation software | Online presentation tools | Prezi

4.3. AniMoto

4.3.1. Animoto is a cloud-based video creation service that turns videos and music into slideshows. Perfect for engaging students in unfamiliar topics. For example, set music and space videos in motion as students learn about the solar system. https://animoto.com

4.4. Voice Thread

4.4.1. A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos . Leave comments in 5 different ways, by voice, text, audio file, or video. Great for preparing co-taught lessons when both educators are not in the same place to teach together. Conversations in the cloud