Taylor swift and Harry styles commiting vehicular manslaughter

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Taylor swift and Harry styles commiting vehicular manslaughter by Mind Map: Taylor swift and Harry styles commiting vehicular manslaughter

1. "girls and girls and boys and boys"

1.1. subtle nod to both larry and gaylor. Credits to Twitter

1.1.1. suggests that harry might have been a "beard" for taylor, and taylor one for harry

2. welcome to new york

2.1. our story begins in NYC. taylor is optimistic about a new place and a new boy

3. getaway car

3.1. suggests taylor still misses harry. not the murder, but harry and the intense relationship they had

3.2. reference to bonnie and clyde is an obvious comparison of the two to harry and taylor. the couple are often romanticised despite breaking the law countless times

3.3. "just because you're clean doesnt mean you dont miss it.

4. clean

4.1. taylor feels finally free from harry, the past, and the accident

4.2. "and by morning gone was any trace of you. and i think i'm finally clean.

4.3. taylor is able to move on, unlike harry, she is glad he and the murder are in past

5. two ghosts

5.1. harry and taylor meet again and harry thinks back to pre-murder and how different things were

5.2. SO many ghost references

5.3. "same lips / same white shirt" returning motif from style

5.4. suggests harry will feel guilt for the rest of his life, guilt at the murder and for burdening taylor with the same guilt

6. ever since new york

6.1. harry has not recovered. he feels guilty ever since new york and his accidental MURDER

6.2. "I've been praying, never did before" praying for forgiveness?

6.3. returning motif of new york

6.4. "there's no antidote for this curse" suggests the guilt is eating away at harry

7. out of the woods

7.1. months later, harry and taylor have gone their separate ways. taylor wonders if they're in the clear.

7.2. "remember when we couldnt take the heat?" could be a reference to their inevitable breakup

7.3. "remember when you hit the brakes too soon?"

7.4. suggests taylor has more or less recovered and moved on, but the accident still haunts her


8.1. In her song dorthea which is a part of her album evermore she quotes “ it’s not too late to come back to my side” I think it’s safe to assume she’s taking about Harry and how he should finally admit to what they did because the truth always comes out

9. TAYLORS NEW ALBUM EVERMORE SHE SAYS “ I think he did it but I just can’t prove it” she’s basically implying that after the accident he covered it up and potentially paid of the family.

10. style

10.1. harry and taylor go for a drive. something happens

10.1.1. "bad driver. no headlights. can't keep his wild eyes on the road

10.2. this is the closest we get to actually hearing about the accident. we are given the impression something bad happens, dangerous and risky, but taylor is too wrapped up in harry to let the seriousness get to her

10.3. "white shirt". "red lip". recurring motifs in taylor's songs. see two ghosts

11. i know places

11.1. harry and taylor are on the run. the deed is done and there's a body. but taylor knows places they can hide

11.2. "something happens when everybody finds out".

11.3. "your eyes so green." harry's eyes are green lol

11.4. references to harry and taylor being foxes, being hunted. "they take their shots but we're bulletproof"

12. sign of the times

12.1. they gotta get away from here

12.2. harry's panicking. the seriousness of what they've done has sunk in

12.3. references to bullets links to i know places, in which taylor states they're bulletproof. harry isn't so sure, stating they'll always be stuck and running from what they did

12.4. harry is sure they will be safe, elsewhere, eventually; "remember everything will be alright, we can meet again somewhere, far away from here"

13. illicit affairs

13.1. taylor is angry

13.2. the seriousness of what HARRY has done is getting to taylor. she feels like, despite harry's protests that they will be safe elsewhere together, it's harry's fault. she refuses his affections and claims we see in sign of the times

13.3. "don't call me kid. don't call me baby. look at this godforsaken mess you made."

14. No body no crime

14.1. IN ADDITION TO THIS at the start of the song Taylor is whispering ‘he did it’ basically confirming the rumors the fact that she’s also whispering it just shows how Harry and his managing team are trying to silence Taylor and she feels like she can’t speak up about the situation