Challenges of Self-Managed Team

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Challenges of Self-Managed Team by Mind Map: Challenges of Self-Managed Team

1. Power Struggles

1.1. Some of the people who love power will try to control the team, making others' member not willing to cooperate with him.

1.2. If there are two or more autocratic person in the team, the team may face serious conflict.

2. Unclear New Tasks

2.1. Members may find difficult and not familiar to conduct rotated tasks

2.2. May affect the quality of work done

3. Unclear in Responsibility

3.1. Result in chaos in management

3.2. Some members may take too much intervention on others' task, creating unsatisfactory

4. Harder to Communicate

4.1. People may find it difficult to communicate with the team as there are different opinion and person-in-charged in the team

5. Free rider in the team

5.1. Some members in the team may refuse to carried out the responsibilities

5.2. As there's lack of leadership in the team, these free rider's scope of task may need longer time to complete