Does our knowledge depend on our interactions with other knowers?

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Does our knowledge depend on our interactions with other knowers? by Mind Map: Does our knowledge depend on our interactions with other knowers?

1. What/who is a knower? 1. anything that holds knowledge 2. a human with opinions 3. something with a thought process 4. someone who has an understanding of something

2. What is an interaction? 1. exchange of thoughts or opinions; through different mediums like internet/books/face to face / two-way street / 2. Interactions cannot be a one-way street

3. What is knowledge: 1. the overlap between truth and belief 2. Info that can be interpreted. Can be exchanged, refined or presented differently 3. information or skills acquired through experiences

4. Concepts: evidence, certainty, truth, interpretation, power, justification, explanation, objectivity, perspective, culture, values and responsibility

5. Interpretation + Perspective

5.1. While interactions might not directly impact the knowledge itself, learning different perspectives can help develop our interpretation of the knowledge Example: Ideally people use a peeler to peel a potato , although boiling it for a few minutes, and then giving it an ice bath, will separate the skin from the center so you can pick it right off.

6. Truth + Perspective

6.1. Mendeleev’s Periodic Table - Mendeleev combined Dobreiner’s Triads, Law of Octaves and Alexandre de Chancourtois’s idea of periodicity to formulate a periodic table.

7. Certainty + Evidence

7.1. The evolution of geocentric theory (380 BC) to heliocentric theory (1543) - New findings of the planets helped the scientists to propose a reliable and credible theory.

8. Values

8.1. Ex. People people not believing a hijab can be empowering for Muslim women because they associate freedom with open hair

9. Allegory of the cave

10. Culture

10.1. Ex. Drinking cow urine/bathing with cow dung prevents you from catching the Corona Virus

11. Previously known knowledge can be a hinderance; depends on how open you are